MAD-425-I, 5 Input 5 Output Addressable Isolation Module (Dual Module)

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: MAD-425-I

Addressable module with 5 technical inputs and 5 relay outputs
✔️ has 5 technical inputs supervised to signal the status of equipment providing NC or NO contacts and 5 no-power relay outputs C, NO, NC contact supply voltage is non-resettable, It occupies 10 loop addresses. Requires 24 Vdc auxiliary power supply, Connects via removable strips up to 2.5mm2 cross section. Includes mounting box. Dimensions: 172 x 170 x 48 mm. CPR certified EN54-18 and EN54-17.


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Product information

° Entire input and output modules

° Easy to install and maintain

° Addressing by programmer or automatic addressing

° 24V Power Supply (1)

° Built-in isolator

° CPR certificate EN 54-18 and EN 54-17


Loop feature:

Working voltage:

Consumption at rest:

Consumption in alarm:


Từ 22 to 38VDC

<300 µA

<3 mA

Relay connection 1 A @ 30VDC
Temperature -10ºC to 70ºC
Humidity 95%
protectiosn class IP40
Size 172 mm x 162 mm x 43 mm
Structure ABS
Certifications EN 54-18 and EN 54-17 no 0370-CPR-3151


MAD-425-I, Module cách ly địa chỉ 5 đầu vào 5 đầu ra (Mô đun kép)

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