Learn What is a Fire Ball?


Learn What is a Fire Ball?

- Many customers are advised to use fire extinguishers, but many people have never known the name of fire extinguishers, how they are made, their shape and their uses. Today, let's go to Southeast to find out information about this fireball

- First about the concept: The English name of the fire extinguisher ball is Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball. It is designed in the shape of a red metal ball and a hook to help it be fixed on the ceiling. There is a type of ball. The fireball is half a handball, which is a ball used to throw at a fire. The fire extinguishing ball operates using a heat sensor. When the temperature exceeds the programming temperature of the fire ball's heat sensor, it will automatically activate the fire extinguishing solution spray system in the ball to help extinguish the fire. on fire.

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Why Use Fire Balls?

- Currently, fire extinguishers are recommended to be installed in low-traffic areas such as warehouses and toxic chemical rooms because of their convenience and effectiveness when detecting fires and excessive temperatures. At the allowable level, the fire ball will automatically activate the firefighting mode without human intervention, and the special advantages of the fire ball are as follows:

- Suitable for use on class A, B and C fires

- Can be repaired and reused after the bottle has been used

- Designed for most effective use in enclosed places such as machine rooms or factories - The pressure fire extinguisher is fully stored so the fire fighting effect is guaranteed

- Strong fire fighting ability completely automatically without human control - Equipped with a pressure gauge so it is easy to check and maintain the product periodically

- Effective Operating Range of Fire Ball

- According to the manufacturer's specifications, the design and structure of the fire extinguishing ball is of many different types and the design of the room where it is installed, so the safety standard range of the ball is not fixed. fire extinguisher. But it can be roughly estimated that with the form of firefighting using a firefighting ball, the operating range is about 12m with the condition that the ball is installed on floors of about 3m. When the height is adjusted high or low, the distance will increase or decrease, the lower the distance, the lower the coverage will be, but the fire fighting efficiency will be increased.


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Detailed Internal Structure of the Fire Fighting Ball

Currently on the market, powder fire extinguishing balls are very popular with customers. Below, let's learn about the detailed structure of a fire extinguisher with Dong Nam

1: Body : Constructed of medium thickness steel connecting two parts together to form an elliptical sphere and painted mainly in red

2: Sprinkler assembly: equipped with a Sprinkler sensor that when exposed to high temperatures will automatically break

3: Hanging hook: made of metal and used to fix the vase to the ceiling

4: Gauge: The meter is made of many different materials to help check the pressure of the tank

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- Currently on the market, fire extinguishers are commonly sold in many fire protection equipment stores across the country, so customers can easily find and buy this product for installation and use. , in order to have peace of mind in production and prevent rare fire cases from occurring, thank you for following the above article from Dong Nam

- Dong Nam is the leading firefighting equipment supplier in Vietnam, here we specialize in providing products such as fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, fire trucks, fire pumps... and many other products. Other genuine quality products, customers who need to use or need detailed advice about the product can contact the company using the information below.

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