Learn about high-end fire hydrants new


Fire hose is a concept that refers to a high-pressure soft water pipeline. They are woven from synthetic fibers, coated with rubber inside and used to deliver extinguishing agents to fires. As early as the 1860s, fire hydrants appeared, but now, they are made mainly of leather, it was not until 1890 that fire hydrants made from textile fibers first appeared.

In terms of structure, faucets are made from many different components and materials such as rubber, fabric, plastic,... whereas, in the past, they were made from natural fibers and cotton. Today, synthetic fibers such as nylon filament or polyester are the most popular materials because they have good corrosion resistance and are quite durable. Regarding coatings and linings, they are made from synthetic rubber that is resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, mold and abrasion. Each faucet device can have different working pressure, ranging from 8 - 20BAR, while the burst pressure is up to 83BAR.


Learn about high-end fire hydrants

For the type of faucet used in our country, they have a basic structure including the following parts: Faucet shaping layer, inner waterproof layer and outer protective layer. If the forming layer is woven from natural fibers such as cotton or linen, synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon, and is woven with perpendicular fibers horizontally and vertically to the nozzle.

In terms of classification, there are types of hoses designed specifically for the fire service, while other types of hoses are designed specifically for operating under high pressure (exhaust pipes). We can name a number of different types of hoses such as attack hoses, transfer hoses, supply hoses, forestry hoses and booster hoses. Besides, the type of hose dedicated to operating under negative pressure is called a suction hose.

Particularly in Vietnam, we can divide by specific lengths such as 20m hose, 30m hose, 40m hose; by place of manufacture such as American faucets, Japanese faucets, German faucets, Australian faucets, Chinese faucets, Vietnamese faucets, etc.; Regarding materials such as pressure-resistant canvas faucets, rubber-coated faucets, faucets with a chemical layer surrounding them;... When choosing to buy a fire hose, you need to choose a hose of very good quality because they all affect fire fighting effectiveness. It is important to know that, during the firefighting process, the resistance of the hose line can cause the pump's pressure head to increase and the longer the hose line can cause greater losses.

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