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The risk of fire and explosion can be hidden and appear around us at any time. Therefore, each of us needs to be equipped with knowledge and be ready to face problems that may arise. In which, many families have purchased and installed heat detectors for their homes. So do you know what a heat detector is?

We can divide heat detectors into two types: fixed heat detectors and increasing heat detectors. In there:


The fixed heat detector will operate and send a signal to the center when it detects that the temperature of the environment in which they are installed has increased to an unacceptable level. Heat detectors are divided into 3 groups: A, B and C. In which, group A has a temperature regulation level ranging from 60 - 75 degrees Celsius, group B is 80 - 95 degrees C and group C is 120 - 135 degrees Celsius.


The increased heat detector, abbreviated as ROR, is the type that operates and sends a signal to the center when the environment temperature increases, however if the environment temperature only increases slowly and does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius 1 minutes, the heat detector will not work.


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- Considering the structure and working principles of the two types of detectors mentioned above, we can see that fixed and incremental heat detectors both have a simple structure, do not require a power source and are not affected by many factors. another factor. Therefore, they can easily operate stably and give accurate results. The cost of heat detectors is lower than that of incremental heat detectors, so they are more popular and used in automatic fire alarm systems.


- If the incremental detector only works when the temperature increase rate reaches the limit without taking into account the ambient temperature, then the fixed heat detector only works when the ambient temperature reaches the limit and does not Calculate the rate of increase in temperature.


- Therefore, when a fire occurs, a fixed heat detector will not be able to react as quickly as an increased heat detector. However, fixed products are more reliable because in some cases, the detector Increased heat does not work: When the fire develops slowly, when the heat source is obscured,... Therefore, it is best for you to equip your family with both automatic heat detector systems. Dynamic and incremental to achieve the best results.


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