Learn 2 types of deluge valves today


deluge valve or overflow valve is used for fire sprinkler systems with open nozzle systems.

Based on the installation direction, the overflow valve has two types: vertical and horizontal

Tìm hiểm 2 loại van deluge hiện nay

Van kiểu đứng và kiểu ngang (Kiểu cũ)

Tìm hiểm 2 loại van deluge hiện nay

Van xả tràn lắp đứng

- Find two types of current deluge valves that have similar operating principles, only the direction of the installation pipeline differs. Depending on the requirements and structure of the project, choose the appropriate overflow valve.

- In addition, each deluge valve is different in size and connection type at the input and output such as:

- THREAD CONNECTION (Thread) x THREAD CONNECTION (Thread) - Groove x Groove Connection*

- Flange connection x Groove connection* - Flange connection (Flange) x Flange connection (Flange)…

- In terms of size, manufacturers often have common types: DN40, DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200.

- In order for the deluge valve to function properly, a trim kit must be included. The trim kit includes basic components such as: connecting pipes, functional valves (exhaust valves, check valves, shut-off valves, pressure regulator valves...), emergency button, pressure gauge...

- In each different overflow valve application system, the trim for the valve is also correspondingly different, for example: - Foam system

- Deluge system:

+ Water-activated overflow valve system (wet pilot actuation / hydraulic release).

+ Air-activated overflow valve system (dry pilot actuation / pneumatic release).

+ Electric actuation overflow valve system.

- Preaction system:

+ One action, electrically activated (single interlock, electric)

+ Double interlock, electric

– pneumatic activation: + Two effects, electrically activated (double interlock, electric - electric)

- Conclusion pcccdongnam.vn shares the article: Exploring 2 current types of deluge valves helps you have a deep understanding of overflow valves in pccc systems.


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