Leaders Tech LTD-W60A Wireless Fixed Heat Detector

Manufacture: Leaders Tech
Product code: LTD-W60A

LTD-W60A is a fixed wireless thermostat
⭐used in combination with a central wireless fire alarm cabinet, wireless smoke detector, genuine supply, 12 months warranty, contact: 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information


Type Wireless fixed thermostatic detector
Model LTD-W60A
Approval number  

Material / Dimensions: ABS 105Φ X 51 (mm)

Power supply: Lithium battery DC3V, 6000mA (3000mAX2EA)

Current consumption (monitor) / life: 2.2uA, 10 years

Overhead power: 10mW or less Use frequency: 447MHz

Communication method/modulation: Half Duplex, GFSK

Communication distance: in open area-500m, building floor-150m


Easy registration and cancellation function

Prevent confusion by identifying codes between groups

Low-BAT real-time detector, monitor operating status

Check contact information automatically or manually

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