Large capacity fire pump control cabinet

Manufacture: Việt Nam
Product code: vn04

Supply large capacity pump control cabinet
⭐  made in Vietnam, 100% new , 12 month warranty, free consultation , nationwide delivery, contact 0917.911.114


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Tủ điều khiển máy bơm chữa cháy công suất lớn


- The control cabinet system overcomes the phenomenon of "continuous running and stopping" of the large capacity fire protection pump

- Made in Vietnam

- Condition: 100% new

- Warranty 12 months

- Free installation

- Consulting 0917.911.114 Large fire protection pumping stations often have the phenomenon of "continuous running and stopping" in automatic mode, causing unstable operation: The large capacity fire protection pump station when installing the pressure switch to run automatically will not work. Okay. When we open the valve, the pressure hose in the pipeline will decrease to activate the pressure switch to start the engine. Because the motor is too large when the faucet coil is still open to discharge the water, the motor generates more pressure and flow than the faucet coil, at this time the pressure switch will trigger the motor to stop. Since the hose reel is still running, the pressure will drop, reactivating the pressure switch. Creating the phenomenon of the pump running and stopping continuously, causing a surge current to destroy the starter or drop the total CB.

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