KVfire Metallic Alloy Fire Extinguisher Class

Manufacture: kvfire
Product code: Fire Extinguisher Class

Extinguishers suitable for class D fire hazards include reactive metals such as Li, Na, K, Mg, Al powders and pastes, Ti, Fe and their alloys. It is also used for ammonium perchlorate and other compounds. Class D extinguishers can extinguish small oil fires and can also be used for electrical fires. It is an obvious choice in Heavy Water Plants, Organization Plants, Explosives, Nuclear Power Plants, Metallurgical Industry, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals handling molten metal or its dust.


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- Fire extinguishers are specially designed for application with light diffusers.

- Pressure regulator valve to control gas pressure.

- Specially designed dome (diffuser) and extension tube to achieve effective gentle powder distribution a safe distance.

- CE approved. The dry chemical powder used is KV-LITE Class D powder / KV-LITE TEC powder suitable for Class D (Metal) fires.

- Available in the following sizes: - 5 & 10 Kg Any other additional size according to customer's request.

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