Kvfire class K grease fire extinguisher

Manufacture: kvfire
Product code: lớp K Kvfire

Fatty oils burn at relatively higher temperatures. Once they catch fire, extinguishing is difficult due to
✅ High heat load.
✅ Split & spread oil on water/foam application. Steam forms, occupying a very high mass compared to water, leading to an explosion.


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Product information

Featured :

- Approved by CE.

- Stainless steel, compatible with Class K Chemicals.

- Chemical discharge as a fine mist to avoid grease splash and flash while cooling the device. Unlike dry powders, wet chemicals are designed for easy cleaning.

- Useful for all kitchen cooking appliances including solid fuel chart.

- Filled with high quality Class K foam concentrate, made in-house, under rigorous quality control.

- The nozzle is specially designed to maximize the extinguishing ability.

- Anti-counterfeiting stickers, Dual language labels.

- KV- LITE CLASS K is a specially formulated foam, for fatty oil fires in restaurants and hotels. It is an effective extinguishing agent for fires involving grease, cookware, deep fryers, broilers, hoods and duct works.

- KV LITE CLASS K meets the requirements of UL 300, NFPA 17 A and NFPA 96 standards.

- Unique features:

- Chemically reacts with oil and forms a non-combustible layer on the surface thus providing a very fast flame to snuff & complete combustion of grease related fires.

- High chemical reaction, reduce the burning intensity of oil immediately.

- Do not receive fuel.

- Easy fire-extinguishing post.

- The product is completely non-corrosive.

- Does not produce any dangerous by-products fire or reaction with fuel oil. Available in the following sizes:

- 6 & 9 kg.

Any other size according to customer's need.

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