Korean fountain Shilla SL-69CNA

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: SL-69CNA

SL-69CNA is an effective fire-fighting era nozzle  used in tunnels and garages  Places that are hard to reach the fire
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Product information

In the event of a fire in an enclosed space that is difficult for people to access, such as in homes or basements of buildings or ships, a fire occurs by connecting to a fire hydrant. When launched space, it will spin itself with impermeable pressure and spray water in all directions to extinguish the fire.

(1) When rotating the nozzle, a protective net can be attached to sprinkle and protect the window smoothly.

(2) Depending on the condition of the fire site, use a branch pipe or

(3) If the ball (SLB-65) is attached to the connecting rod, it can be used more conveniently. (radiation radius: about 5M)

Specifications SL-69CNA

- Dimensions: FE65(2-1/2”)

- Flow: 1060 LPM @0.7MPa

- Weight: 2.6Kg

- Structure: Ni-Cr . plated copper

Accessories included with the injector SL-69CNA + Protective gabion injector head SL-69CNC -

Dimensions: 180 x 200H - Weight: 3.8Kg - Structure: Carbon steel

Lăng phun Hàn Quốc Shilla SL-69CNA

+ Khớp nối lăng phun SLB-65

- Size: FE65(F) X FE65(M)

- Structure : Alumium

Lăng phun Hàn Quốc Shilla SL-69CNA

+ Branch tube SL-7MP-65

- Dimensions: FE65(F)X(500~1000)M

- Structure: Copper/Aluminum

Lăng phun Hàn Quốc Shilla SL-69CNA


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