Instructions for using normal HOCHIKI automatic fire alarm cabinets


Fire alarm system (HTBC) includes many areas. Each zone corresponds to a Zone of the Fire Alarm Center. The name of the area is written on the side of the Automatic Fire Alarm Panel. When there is a fire or trouble in any area, the lights of that area will be on.

Hướng dẫn sử dụng tủ báo cháy tự động HOCHIKI thường

1. NORMAL OPERATION STATUS:Lamp “AC. ON” green light : The system works with 220 VAC power.


Lamp “ZONE”: - Red light : Burned area alarm. - Flashing yellow light: Indicates fault of signal wire break or Zone open circuit. Need to check and handle urgently for the system to work normally.

Lamp “COMMON ALARM”: bright red. Fire alarm.

Lamp “COMMON SUPERVISORY”: Lights up yellow (if a Zone is set to Superviory monitoring)

“COMMON TROUBLE” light: yellow flashing light. Bo error general problem. There are one or more errors that need to be handled.

Lights “BATTERY TROUBLE”: bright yellow. Backup battery is not connected or damaged.

“GROUND FAULT” lamp: bright yellow. Report a grounding problem, touch max.

Lights “SIGNAL SILENCE”: yellow flashing light. Turn off the siren.

“AUXILIARY DISC” light.: yellow flashing light. Interrupt Relay trigger output (Supervisor and Alarm).

“SIG.ZONE TROUBLE” light: yellow flashing light. The bell connector is faulty.

I. OPERATION IN FIRE :When there is a fire, the fire alarm system shows the following:

Zone lights corresponding to the fire area: bright

The main siren inside the fire alarm cabinet and the area bell rings.

1. Observe the lights on the fire alarm panel to accurately identify the area with fire.

2. Quickly go to the alarmed area to locate the fire.

3. Report to the Fire Department (No.: 114) and carry out fire fighting by means of the spot.


After making sure the fire fighting has been completed, proceed to restore (RESET) the HTBC back to normal operating conditions. If the fire alarm by pressing the fire alarm box manually, the fire alarm box must be reset before resetting the fire alarm panel. If Reset Fire Alarm Center before Reset Fire Alarm Box, TTBC will continue to alarm again.

  • Drag the “System Reset” button in the direction of the arrow to restore (Reset) the system

    After the RESET is done, make sure the system returns to the normal operating state: - The AC power indicator “A.C. ON” is lit - The other lights are off.


Refer to the documentation that came with the TTBC for troubleshooting.

Please notify the installation unit to check and repair when the system has a problem.

Turn off the main siren and bell:

1. Turn off the main siren: (the siren mounted inside the Fire Alarm Cabinet)

When the main siren sounds.

- If the “Buzzer Silence” switch is pressed, the siren goes off. And the “Common Alarm” light is on.

- The siren will sound again if TTBC receives another fire alarm signal.

2. Turn off the fire alarm/bell: If the “Signal Silencing” switch is pressed, all fire alarms are disabled.

So Southeast Fire Prevention has introduced the manual of  HOCHIKI automatic fire alarm cabinet usually.

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