Instructions for using mini fire extinguishers for cars


1. Choose which fire extinguisher is good for the car

According to the Fire Department of the United States, fires are divided into many different types. Class A: fires caused by natural substances such as wood, fabric or paper. Type B is caused by petroleum, plastic resin. Class C is caused by blown fuses, short-circuited devices.

Therefore, with 4 types of fire extinguishers required by the Ministry of Public Security to be equipped for vehicles, only powder and CO2 can extinguish a class B and C fire at the same time. The other two types of extinguishers are not. Good choice for car.

When buying a mini fire extinguisher, everyone should choose a reputable store, with a stamp of inspection by the authorities, and must carefully watch the time of use on the bottom of the tank, the brake valve and the body of the tank.

2. Disadvantages of each type of fire extinguisher

Because the chemical composition of each type of fire extinguisher is different, each extinguisher will have other disadvantages.

Type of dry powder fire extinguisher: fire extinguishing chemicals are corrosive, so do not spray on locations with electronic equipment.

CO2 bottle type: When sprayed out faster than powder bottles of the same capacity, it is easy to suffocate in tight spaces.

3. Location of fire extinguishers

Cách sử dụng bình cứu hỏa cho xe hơi

As soon as the circular was issued, many people wondered where to place the fire extinguisher is the safest and most reasonable. Because car fire extinguishers are recommended to be kept in a cool place, away from sunlight, the temperature should not exceed 5-55 degrees Celsius and avoid strong collisions. Therefore, it is "strictly prohibited" to place the fire extinguisher on the dashboard, the rear window tray (hatchback) or the trunk. This is where the risk of an explosion increases.

The best place to put a fire extinguisher is under the seat, under the front passenger's feet, or in the door pocket. It is important that the position must be close to the driver for easy use in the event of an accident and absolutely out of the reach of small children.

Cách sử dụng bình cứu hỏa cho xe hơi

4. Usage

For dry powder bottles: before use, it is necessary to shake gently so that the gas mixture and flame retardant powder are mixed evenly, without clumping. When spraying, it is important to stand at the top of the wind (if burning outside) and the car door (if burning inside the car). Spraying to extinguish the fire must be continuously sprayed until the  fire  is completely extinguished, without interruption.

For liquid fires such as gasoline, oil, alcohol, etc., it is necessary to spray extinguishing agents on the surface of the fire, avoiding spraying directly on the liquid to prevent being splashed out and burning bigger. When spraying, hold the can in an upright position.

However, mini cans are only effective when dealing with just-ignored or small fires. As for large fires, the best way is to seek help from people around or the fire department.

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