Imported TPMCSTEEL genuine pccc iron accessories


The iron fittings used for the pccc pipeline system are imported genuine to ensure American, British standards.., high quality is always welcomed by customers for the industrial projects of liquid, gas, fire fighting.. Southeast company imports and supplies. For any information please contact us directly.

Iron fittings for pccc are researched and manufactured by ductile iron which is cast as white iron through annealing heat treatment process, the brittle structure is transformed into malleable form, meeting the requirements of international standards.

Imported TPMCSTEEL genuine pccc iron accessories

Ductile iron fittings are iron-carbon alloys that combine the outstanding properties of cast iron (pourability) and steel (strength and ductility). Applies to fire protection services according to NFPA 13, 14 standards. TPMC supplies ductile iron fittings according to BS/EN standard in approved UL/FM list:

1. Malleable iron 90° elbow

2. Malleable iron 45° elbow

3.Cross the letter T

4. Y-shaped 45 degrees

5. Cross contraction

6. Coupling

7. Malleable iron bushing

8. Connector knob

9. Malleable iron backnut

10. Lid

11. Sealed head

12. Malleable iron union

13. Flange

Dong Nam Company specializes in importing and distributing iron accessories, providing pccc accessories for industries, wastewater, pccc..Our motto is

- 100% genuine product

- Have standard CO and CQ certification

- Best price in the market

- Long-term warranty

- Delivery on time according to the contract with the customer

>>You can refer to our other iron accessories products for pccc that we specialize in providing on the Vietnamese market today. For any information, please contact directly 0917911114 so we can advise you on any questions about the product. Sincerely thank our customers for always accompanying us!!!




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