IFP India CO2 fire extinguisher 4.5kg

Manufacture: IFP India firecheck-Ấn độ
Product code: CO2 4,5kg

Dong Nam Firefighting Equipment Dealer provides
⭐ co2 5kg, 3kg, mt3, mt5, 8kg fire extinguishers, in Vinh
⭐ 5kg co2 fire extinguishers for main tanks  co2 fire extinguishers and all kinds of powder extinguishers  good price: 0917.911.114, 12 months warrant


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

- Code: CO2 4.5 kg IFP India

- Type of extinguisher: CO2 . fire fighting

- Weight: 4.5kg

- Origin: Indian

- New condition: 100%

- Warranty 12 months

- Price: 0917.911.114 VND


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