How to use the safest powder fire extinguisher


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Have many of us ever fully evaluated for ourselves the safest way to use powder fire extinguishers? So you need to understand how to use powder fire extinguishers safely.


Cách sử dụng bình chữa cháy bột an toàn nhất

Cách sử dụng bình chữa cháy bột an toàn nhất

- Powder fire extinguishers are suitable for use on class A, class B and class C fires but are used in a variety of ways depending on the type of fire they are being used on.

- Only tackle small fires with a fire extinguisher. If a fire has broken out, do not fight the fire but evacuate immediately and warn others about the fire, then call the fire and rescue service. Please note that powder from fire extinguishers spreads and can be inhaled. It can also reduce visibility. Therefore, only use with caution in enclosed spaces. If you tackle a fire, ensure you stay at a safe distance and follow the instructions below. 1. Pull the safety pin (Figure 3) , this will break the tamper seal. Squeeze the lever to start discharging the extinguisher. 2. Instructions for using fire extinguisher:

- Solid materials: Direct the nozzle at the base of the fire, moving through the burning area -

Spilled liquid: Aim the nozzle at the near edge of the fire and with a quick sweeping motion, direct the fire towards the far side until all the flames have been extinguished - Flowing liquid: Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire and sweep upward until all the fire has been extinguished

- Gas flare: Turn off the gas supply as soon as possible! Aim the powder at the fire to extinguish it - Electrical equipment: Turn off the power (if safe) and then point the nozzle straight at the fire


3. Once the fire is extinguished, carefully sweep to detect the fire again, as this can happen when a powder fire extinguisher has been used.

We follow the 4 safest ways to use powder fire extinguishers below

a. Pull (Battery) Pull the pin at the top of the fire extinguisher, breaking the seal. When in place, the pin keeps the handle from being crushed and accidentally operating the fire extinguisher. Try the fire extinguisher immediately. (Pointed away from the operator) This is to ensure the extinguisher is working and also tells the operator how far the current travels

b. Approach the fire target Approach the standing fire at a safe distance. Point the nozzle or outlet toward the flame.

c. Squeeze the fire extinguisher handle Squeeze the handles together to release the extinguishing agent inside. To stop flushing, release the handle.

d. Scan the nozzle Sweep the nozzle from side to side as you approach the fire, aiming the extinguishing agent at the base of the fire. After a Class A fire is extinguished, probe for smoldering hot spots that could re-ignite fuel.

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