How to maintain fire water pump


Fire prevention is an extremely important job to protect property and human life, especially in the period when the current fire situation is on the rise. Paying attention to fire protection work also means paying attention to fire protection equipment. And today, we would like to introduce to you how to maintain the fire pump properly.

Fire water pump maintenance can be divided into two types: regular maintenance (carried out daily) and level I and level II maintenance. If level I maintenance is applied to water pumps that have worked for more than 50 hours, level II maintenance is applied to pumps that have worked for more than 200 hours.


How to maintain fire water pump


Below is more detailed information about these types of maintenance:


- When regularly maintaining your fire water pump, you should note the following:


- It is necessary to check all screws and screw caps at parts, details and wire ends, and pay attention to wheel screws for battery racks or trailer wheels.

- Check the engine's cooling water system, lubricating oil and fuel, making sure they are sufficient and not leaking.

- Check the entire electrical system, battery fluid level, and the tightness of the battery to the battery holder and foam head.

- Check the machine again as well as vacuum tightness for priming the centrifugal pump, including paying attention to the machine's lubricating oil when vacuuming.

- Maintain the pump after 50 working hours

You need to follow these steps:


- Remove the air filter to clean it, at the same time change the oil filter and close the fuel valve, draining all dirt from the fuel tank. - Tighten the engine cover ecu.


- Check the condition of the clutch drive spring and tighten the ecu.


- Check wheel tires.


- Check voltage.


- Check contact gaps and adjust and clean contacts.


- Remove the ignition candle and re-adjust the ignition rod gap.


- Check the tightness of the centrifugal pump and other valves.


- Check the tightness of the pump as well as the pump's ability to absorb and spray water when the machine is working.


- Pump maintenance after 200 working hours


- Adjust the pump valve foot clearance,


- Check the compression in the cylinder, the tightness of the fuel supply system and clear the fuel lines.


- Change the oil for the pump every 4 times.


- Check the cooling water tank, clear the vents to check the voltage and charge when necessary.




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