How to check and maintain fire extinguishers


Have you wondered how often it takes a fire extinguisher to be serviced? this I think yes, but for today's common fire extinguishers such as CO2, BC ABC powder, water, foam wet chemicals to help their lifespan have high durability during use.

So how to check and maintain fire extinguishers l?

- Regularly checking fire extinguishers is an extremely necessary job, helping them stay stable and ensuring that we use them most effectively every time a fire occurs.

- Like most things in life, if you maintain your fire extinguishers regularly and in good used condition, they will last a lot longer than if you do not regularly check and maintain them.

- For today's types of fire extinguishers, manufacturers have quality problems, but we cannot rule out some types of products floating on the market that are of poor quality.

How to check and maintain fire extinguishers

Cách kiểm tra và bảo dưỡng các loại bình chữa cháy

1. Check types of fire extinguishers


- Current fire extinguishers are all made of pressure-resistant steel. The propellant tank is connected to the powder tank by a xifong tube. Propellants are usually nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon hydrogen halogen...

- The valve cluster is attached to the lid, which can be removed and refilled with powder and gas after use. The lock valve can be a squeeze valve or a screw valve, the lock valve is clamped with lead.

- The propellant pressure gauge may be present (MFZ tank - China) or not (MF tank - China).

- Speakers made of metal, plastic or rubber; The size depends on the type of jar. The outer xifong tube can be hard or soft, and the length depends on the type of bottle. - The red paint bottle above has a label with characteristics and usage.

Principles of firefighting

When opening the valve (depending on the type of bottle with a different valve structure, the opening method is different), the dry powder in the bottle is sprayed out thanks to the force of compressed air (compressed directly with the powder or in a separate bottle) through the pipe system. guide. When sprayed on a fire, powder has the effect of inhibiting the fire reaction and isolating the flammable substance from oxygen in the air. On the other hand, it prevents flammable gas vapor from entering the fire area, leading to the fire being extinguished.


Depending on each type of fire extinguisher, it can extinguish fires of solids, liquids, flammable gases, electrical fires and newly arising electrical equipment. For example, a fire extinguisher with the symbol ABC can be used to extinguish most fires of solids, liquids, flammable gases... Fire extinguishing powder is non-toxic, non-conductive, and highly effective; Using the tank is simple, easy to check, and can be used to extinguish small, newly arising fires.

The symbols written on the jar represent:

The fire extinguisher commonly used is the type with the symbol ABC-2; ABC-4; ABC-8 or BC-2; BC-4; BC-8.

- The letters A, B, C on the extinguisher represent the fire extinguisher's ability to extinguish different fires. Specifically:

+ A: Treat solid fires such as: wood, cotton, fabric, fiber...

+ B: Treat liquid fires such as gasoline, alcohol, wine...

+ C: Treat gas fires such as gas (liquefied petroleum gas), etc.

- The numbers 2, 4, 8 represent the weight of powder loaded in the tank, in kilograms. Types of powder fire extinguishers:

+ ABC powder fire extinguisher MFZL35 - 35kg: contains 35kg of fire extinguishing powder in the tank, the tank weight is 60kg.

+ ABC powder fire extinguisher MFZL8 - 8kg: contains 8kg of fire extinguishing powder in the tank, the tank weight is 12kg.

+ ABC MFZL2 powder fire extinguisher - 2kg: contains 2kg of fire extinguishing powder in the tank, the tank weight is 6kg.

+ ABC MFZL4 powder fire extinguisher - 4kg: contains 4kg of fire extinguishing powder in the tank, tank weight is 9kg.

+ ABC MFZ4 powder fire extinguisher - 4kg: contains 8kg of fire extinguishing powder in the tank, the tank weight is 5kg.

+ ABC powder fire extinguisher MFZ8 - 8kg: contains 8kg of fire extinguishing powder in the tank, the tank weight is 10.5kg.

+ ABC MFZ35 powder fire extinguisher. Advantage

: - They can be used on many different types of fire.

- This type of extinguisher possesses the ability to quickly extinguish fires.

- When comparing effectiveness with fire extinguishers of the same size, powder fire extinguishers appear to be superior.

- Low cost but still gives you a great price-performance ratio.

- This device can provide fire protection for large areas. - Dry powder fire extinguishers are widely used in many fields.

- Due to their versatility, they are your safe choice against fire and explosion hazards. Defect;

- Due to residue left behind after use, you may have to clean up the spread of powder after extinguishing fires.

- Powder dust can affect sensitive equipment such as computers, electronic devices...

- When using this extinguisher, it is possible that the visibility of the space around you is reduced to almost zero. So be sure to have a way out before using!

- Powder dust can make it nearly impossible to breathe in a closed space.

- If not properly maintained or cared for, the chemicals in the tank can settle and dry out. This means your extinguisher is not working or not working as effectively as expected. The simplest way to preserve and check fire extinguishers Storage and maintenance of fire extinguishers

- Place it in a visible, easy-to-access place convenient for firefighting.

- Place in a dry, ventilated place, avoid places with strong sunlight and heat radiation, the highest temperature is 50 degrees Celsius.

- If kept outside, there must be a roof.

- When moving, you need to be gentle. Avoid direct contact with high temperatures and vibrations.

- Must regularly check the tank according to the manufacturer's regulations or at least every 3 months. If the needle is below the blue line, the gas must be refilled.

Quy trình kiểm tra kiểm tra nạp sạc các loại bình chữa cháy

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How to check fire extinguisher powder - After opening the valve, it is necessary to fully refill the fire extinguisher. Before loading, remove the sealed components, remove and clean the powder-contaminated parts.

- If there is still pressure, before removing it, you must reduce the pressure by slowly squeezing the valve to let the gas gradually escape. The pressure gauge needle points to the value O. When opening, you hear a ''hissing'' sound, you must immediately stop and check. again.

- Before each new gas fill and after 5 years of use, the tank shell must be hydraulically tested. Only after reaching the required strength can it be used, at least 30 MPa.

- Check the propellant gas through a manometer or scale and compare it with the original mass.

- Check the powder volume by weighing and comparing.

- Check the nozzle and spray speaker - Check to make sure the bottle is placed in the correct position, easy to see, easy to use, still sealed, and has enough substance as prescribed. The tank shell is not damaged, corroded, or leaking. Check the speaker wire and trigger.

- There should be a notebook to record the tank inspection log each time. Simple way to check fire extinguisher powder In the case of a fire extinguisher in use, the best, safest and simplest way to check a fire extinguisher is to pay attention to the extinguisher's meter. If the needle points to the red line, it means the extinguisher is fully charged. almost empty and needs to be recharged. In addition, when choosing a new fire extinguisher, it is necessary to consider external parts such as housing, valve, color, place of manufacture, anti-counterfeit stamp, weight of the fire extinguisher, and information about the extinguisher. Powder fire. Identify expired powder bottles:

- Is the tank left out of warranty for too long?

- Has the tank been put into use?

- The bottle has lost its seal?

- The tank has a pressure drop (you can see the display on the clock)?

- Was the extinguisher taken out and tested by someone (fire extinguishers can only be used once so no test spraying)?

2. What must be followed when maintaining fire extinguishers?

- Maintenance must be performed at reputable companies in the market. - Must be qualified to sell fire protection equipment

- Maintenance must be in accordance with procedures

- Recharges must be sealed and have a warranty stamp Conclusion: How to check and maintain fire extinguishers must be done and comply with fire safety conditions.

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