How often is your sprinkler system inspected


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Buildings, condominiums.. rely on a network of fire protection equipment to keep your building and the people in it safe from fire. One of the most important features ishệ thống phun nước tự động , acts as the first line of defense against fire, even when the building is vacant.

To keep the đầu phun nước chữa cháy sprinkler must be in good working order, you should perform inspections and tests in accordance with NFPA 25 and some Vietnamese standards, as Maintenance of our Fire Protection System is dependent on water. Keep all records of your most recent fire hydrant inspections and tests for at least one year and be prepared to present these records to your service provider upon request. .


Bao lâu thì hệ thống phun nước chữa cháy của bạn được kiểm tra?

Fire sprinkler system

Below is information on recommended timelines for testing and testing and what?

How often should a SPRINKLER FIRE FIGHTING HEAD SYSTEM be inspected?

An inspection is basically a visual one-time check for the health of your sprinkler system according to the inspection schedule you should follow: Weekly or monthly: Check gauges in piping systems, before impacts and storms as often as once a week. Plumbing meters can go a month between inspections. Quarterly: Every three months, check water flow alarms, valve monitoring alarms, monitoring signal devices, control valves and hydraulic nameplates. Annual: Once a year, inspect seismic mounts/bracings, pipes and fittings, information signs, and spare sprinklers. Every 5 years: Conduct an internal inspection of sprinkler piping only every 5 years.


Testing includes more extensive physical tests in accordance with NFPA 25, which regulates the sprinkler test schedule. Quarterly: For the highest possible efficiency, sprinkler mechanical firefighting equipment should be inspected quarterly. 6-month schedule: Every six months, the pressure switch must be checked. Annual: Full inspection and tagging should be done annually. During a complete sprinkler system inspection, a technician should perform a physical check on all parts of your sprinkler system. These checks include water flow test, fire pump test, antifreeze concentration test (in applicable systems), alarm test and stroke test of dry pipes, valves Drain and pre-action valve. Every 5 years: Sprinklers exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh environments, along with gauges on all types of sprinkler systems, should be inspected or replaced every 5 years. Every 10 years or more: Dry nozzles should be inspected or replaced every 10 years. Quick-response sprinklers should be inspected every 20 years and every 10 years thereafter. Standard reactive sprinklers shall be tested after 50 years of service and for a period of 10 years thereafter. When choosing a company to inspect and test your fire sprinklers, look for one that hires well-trained service personnel with the appropriate qualifications, which may include training, certification and factory license to perform sprinkler inspection and testing. Ask the service company you want to hire for proof of expertise. At Southeast, we are happy to provide full inspection and maintenance services for all of our vehicles loại hệ thống phun nước tự động installed in commercial buildings, including:

- Wet pipe system

- Dry pipe system

- Exhaust system

- Fire pumps

- Fire sprinkler

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