How does the automatic smoke detector and fire alarm system work


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Fire is one of the most dangerous events that can occur; Somewhere in the world, one happens every minute of every day. While fire can be our friend in some situations, it can be our worst enemy when it is left uncontrolled and allowed to continue through a building. Of course, fire is destructive and smoke from fires creates a toxic, dangerous atmosphere. Rapid detection and control of fires can save thousands of lives, thousands of injuries, and millions of dollars in property damage each year.

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The field of fire detection has evolved to the point where smoke detectors and alarms have combined to become life safety systems. The purpose of an automatic fire alarm system is to detect a problem, alert the control panel and appropriate authorities, and notify the home's occupants to take action.

Smoke detector system, automatic fire alarm Just like any other asset, it has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. After 15 years, it is no longer considered reliable and parts may not be available for repair. Fire detection systems today include a FACP (fire alarm control panel) - this is the brain of the system and it is capable of making quick decisions. Detection devices run the gamut, from smoke detectors and heat detectors to multi-function detectors, which contain several functions in one detector. Many detectors manufactured today have addressable switches contained within the detector that allow the detector to tell the FACP the exact location of the fire. Detectors detect the presence of smoke or burning particles and then alert the FACP to a problem; The FACP then decides what action to take.

Additional functions

Smoke detector system, automatic fire alarm Yours can also:

- Flush the agent fire suppression system in the computer room or clean room.

- Activate intense fire suppression systems in aircraft hangers or similar hazardous areas.

- Open the dry pipe sprinkler system for the pre-action containment system.

Used to notify about other events, such as severe weather, terrorism, bomb threats, hazardous chemical incidents, evacuations, etc. These events can use speaker systems to provide voice instructions for action or on-site security. Modern FACPs may have telephone handsets in stairwells and elevators for two-way communication with trapped people.

Monitor carbon-monoxide detectors.

- Remember that there are a number of specialized detection devices designed to increase life safety and reduce the likelihood of unwanted or nuisance alarms. There are also qualified experts who can provide valuable assistance in reviewing your operational situations and providing guidance and recommendations for your needs.

- How FACP communicates - FACP can confirm findings with other area detectors, thereby reducing the possibility of nuisance or false alarms. FACP can activate audible and visual notification devices, which will alert building occupants to take action. Announcement devices can be loud horns, flashing lights, bells, gongs, or loud speakers that announce verbal instructions to vehicle occupants. It can only activate on certain floors of the building. For people at high altitudes, it is common to warn on the fire floor, the upper and lower floors. This reduces the need to evacuate the entire building. In a hospital or extended care facility, FACP may notify only certain people to allow staff to check the situation and make a general evacuation decision.

- It is important to note that all smoke detector and automatic fire alarm systems require periodic care and maintenance. Depending on the local AHJ (authority having jurisdiction), there may be annual, semi-annual or monthly system inspection requirements. Inspections must be carried out by competent, well-trained personnel. A properly installed and maintained system will save lives and reduce property damage.


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