How does a fire sprinkler work?


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Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most useful tools in your firefighting arsenal. Today's systems have been proven to reduce deaths and property damage by more than 65%.

Đầu phun nước chữa cháy hoạt động như thế nào

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For this reason, fire sprinklers are definitely something you want in your commercial property! But How does a fire sprinkler work? We share why fire sprinklers bring great benefits to us.

First: Fire sprinklers have the ability to detect heat

- Contrary to what many people think, fire sprinkler heads are not clogged by smoke. That's an easy mistake to make, because heat is transferred up with the smoke from the fire. But if smoke is the cause, simply grilling in the kitchen or office is enough to trigger the nozzle to explode the glass bulb and spray water to put out the fire.

- Fire sprinklers operate by regulated high heat to activate the sprinkler system. When a fire ignites, the air directly above it heats up rapidly. This hot air rises and spreads along the ceiling. When the air is hot enough and reaches the sprinkler head, it will trigger a chain reaction.

- Most spray heads have a glass bulb filled with a glycerin (mercury) based liquid. This liquid expands when exposed to air heated to 135 to 165 degrees F. As the liquid expands, it will break its glass housing and the sprinkler head will activate.

Đầu phun nước chữa cháy hoạt động như thế nào

Nguyên lý hoạt động của đầu phun sprinkler

Second: Sprinkler heads are responsible for extinguishing fires

- Each sprinkler fire is attached to a pipe connected to a reliable water source from outside the building. When heat activates the sprinkler head, a valve opens, allowing pressurized water to flow out from the pipe system.

- It is important that the water in the fire sprinkler system is pressurized. This allows the water to spray out in an arc for more thorough application and prevents the fire from reigniting.

Third: use fire sprinklers to help save water

- For example, in movies, sprinkler systems operate in a misleading way, causing many people to believe the fallacy that all sprinkler heads in a system are tied together and when a sprinkler Water is activated by heat, all of them are activated.

- If that's the case, fire suppression is simply trading fire damage for water damage, and that's not how fire sprinklers work.

- Luckily, the sprinkler heads work individually. In most cases, a fire can be completely extinguished after just one or two sprinkler heads are activated. This allows saving water resources when extinguishing fires. Plus, because fire sprinklers use about six times less water than fire hydrants, their quick response actually causes less damage to your property than waiting for firefighters. came to handle the case.

Also, do you need to check, repair and replace fire sprinkler heads? In my opinion, that is necessary, you should refer to the article titled: When do you need to replace fire sprinkler ?

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