How are CO2 fire extinguishers manufactured and used?


Today CO2 fire extinguishers are considered as very effective fire fighting means, they are easy to use, quick and simple fire fighting methods. Used most of the time like home, office, factory, factory or factory...

Have you ever asked about co2 fire extinguisher what apps are there?

- Today will briefly review what their applications are so that we can understand properly like this.

How are CO2 fire extinguishers manufactured and used?

1. Application details:

A CO2 extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in an emergency situation. It contains pure carbon dioxide, which is a clean extinguishing agent, stored under high pressure and temperature in a metal cylinder. It lacks the typical pressure gauge, common in other extinguishers. It is used to extinguish fires of class B flammable liquids (gasoline, oil, solvents), and is recommended for use in live electrical equipment. It is not designed for use on an out-of-control fire, such as a fire that has reached the ceiling, posing a danger to the user (i.e. no exits, smoke, fire hazard, etc.). ) or require the expertise of a fire brigade. Mobility in firefighting is an advantage that can't be better, right?

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Fire extinguishers are an indispensable component in protecting people's safety in all environments. so we will learn the structure of co2 fire extinguisher right below to see what devices they include.

2. Structure know the parts:

After reading part 1, I think you only understand the top part, or scroll down to read part 02 so that when talking to someone, you can still talk about this topic..HU HU,,,I'm just joking, please don't be angry.

Bình cữa cháy CO2, Cấu tạo phương thức hoạt động bình chữa cháy CO2

Bình cữa cháy CO2, Cấu tạo phương thức hoạt động bình chữa cháy CO2

Bình cữa cháy CO2, Cấu tạo phương thức hoạt động bình chữa cháy CO2

Bình cữa cháy CO2, Cấu tạo phương thức hoạt động bình chữa cháy CO2

Bình cữa cháy CO2, Cấu tạo phương thức hoạt động bình chữa cháy CO2

You finished watching the above, right, I'm a lazy guy, so I don't translate the document from English to Vietnamese so it's hard for you to understand.. Please try to understand because there is nothing ready to eat. ..hehehehe...

3. What is the material to manufacture the parts?:

So, to understand this issue deeply, I list it for you to understand more hehe... Anyone who doesn't read this article is a bit of a waste..ha ha...

- Valve assembly (valve, plunger, safety plug): Brass structure

- Ring pin - Stainless steel

- Exhaust pipe, Exhaust horn, Air intake pipe

- PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

- Syphon tube Threaded connector - Brass

- O-Ring - Neoprene Rubber - Hook - Mild steel - Shell - (Cold rolled cold annealing) CRCA mild steel plate

Come here have you ever wondered the parts of bình chữa cháy CO2 How is it produced? I'm sure not, but that doesn't matter, ....Do you want to find out with me in the next part???? I'm sure you're a lot more curious than I am, but stick with me..

4. Details of the manufacturing process used to make each part

a. Valve assembly and plunger assembly:

- Cutting with an electric saw: Copper bars are cut using an electric saw into smaller bars.

- Forging: The rods are then forged using a mechanical press to produce the desired shape. The copper rod is the outside dimension of the valve.

- Cutting: The excess melted by forging is removed using another die mounted on the heavy press.

- CNC: Using CNC machines to create valve details

- Drilling: Holes are drilled with a bench drill. Sandblasting: Sandblasting is used to give the surface a matte finish using a grain of aluminum oxide.

- Polishing: After finishing, it is polished with a grinding stone.

Bình chữa cháy CO2 được sản xuất và ứng dụng như thế nào?

Bình chữa cháy CO2 được sản xuất và ứng dụng như thế nào?

b. Assemble the safety plug

- Cold forming: Pressure forging, extrusion and quenching, or a combination of both steps at the same time.

- Threading: In this process, threading is done with a tap or screw Annealing: Annealing is a heat treatment process that changes the microstructure of a material to alter its mechanical or electrical properties.

- Heat it to a high temperature, although below the melting point, then immediately cool it

c. Exhaust pipes and Syphon pipes:

- Extrusion: The molten PVC grannuel sheets are pressed through the hole to form the required size pipe.

d. Drain hose

- Injection molding: PVC pellets are melted and molded e.Hook ring

- Injection molding: Raw materials are pressed into the mold to shape the material as desired. And then pressed to form O-rings. g. Cylinders

- Whitening: Steel plate is cut by Blanching machine. Deep Draw, Redraw: CRCA sheets are drawn in to cylinder using Hydraulic Press in 3 stages to ensure strength.

- Trimming: The excess is trimmed.

- Drilling: The hole in the center is punched with a drill.

- Processing: Lathe is used to chamfer the sole edge.

- MIG welding: The collars are welded with metal inert gas (argon and CO2 in the ratio 80:20) welding machine to ensure standards

. - Powder coating: The body is painted with a charging body with a positive charge and powder with a negative charge and then baked for lasting durability.

Bình chữa cháy CO2 được sản xuất và ứng dụng như thế nào?


Read here, you can see the production process and application of this product co2 fire extinguisher then what the hell? Maybe you are not satisfied with this article, it is not good, has not conveyed all the ideas or has nothing to do with your expertise..But at some point, you sit and chat on the sidewalk with some friends who suddenly see you. fire in the distance. You may think of this writing desk,

HU HU is okay..end of the article, please refer to the article What are the current common fire fighting means? To learn more about the fires that CO2 extinguishers are effective for you

>>>>> What fires use CO2 bình

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