GSC-365-R, One-way check valve fivalco

Manufacture: Fivalco
Product code: GSC-365-R

GSC-365-R ⭐  best pccc valve price list in the Southeast ⭐  UL / FM standard 1-way check valve ⭐  structure: stainless steel ⭐
✅ genuine swming valve,


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Product information

Valve standard:

- Fits AWWA C606

+ Working pressure: 25 bar / 365PSI

+ Temperature: 0oC to 80oC

+ Bonded epoxy coating compound RAL3000

+ Grooved ends to accommodate ANSl/AWWA and BS . pipe sizes Description The GSC-365-R is a vertically installed non-return valve in a Riser Rv arrangement. With the cut-off unit, check the valve using a current switch and alarm instead of a water engine gong to announce fire. The valve body is the same as the GSC-365-I, easily adaptable across the field of work.

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