Gate Valve Z45-300FJ

Manufacture: Ningjin AP
Product code: Z45-300FJ

Genuine imported Ning Jin AP gate valve Z45-300FJ with CO, CQ certification. For any information, please contact 0917911114, we are always ready for a free consultation...


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Gate valve Z45-300FJ is an industrial valve commonly used in liquid pipeline systems, straight flow. They work to open and close the valve by lifting and lowering the valve stem out of the flow path.

Combined with 02 flanged pipe ends with bolts combined with gaskets sealed in the middle. Designed and manufactured by anti-corrosion cast iron, qualified for industrial use, pccc, water supply..

.Other name (NRS NON RISING STEM Gate Valve FL X MJ) of Ning Jin AP.

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