GALA Electric Actuator, GALA AC Actuato

Manufacture: gala valves
Product code: GALA Electric

Basic features: ⭐
✅ Light weight and small size, ⭐
✅ Easy to adjust stoke control end position and set torque switch ⭐
✅ High precision of driving vehicle, • Stop mechanical adjustment for valve and position control. • Good manual/electric shock absorber design • Have the ideal outdoor performance • Various flange connection modes • Local/remote switch function


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Product information

Basic Features

- The shell is processed by aluminum casting technology and technical precision machining.

- Light weight and small in size, the outer surface is treated through flame plating technique to produce excellent appearance.

- Easy to adjust the end position of the stoke control and set the torque switch and is reliable to control.

- High precision of vehicle driving, bearings fitted in all rotating positions, high efficiency of the whole

- Machine and noise are negligible.

- The output shaft control is done through the worm device and can be self-locking in any position.

- There is a mechanically adjustable stop for valve and position control. - Manual/electric reducer is semi-automatic and electric priority to ensure safe and reliable operation

- Have the ideal outdoor performance

- Different flange connection modes, there is a valve stem adapter inside the outlet shaft, easy to mount and dismount. - Selected function 4-20mA . valve position feedback signal

- Increase power block with automatic adjustment function Increase limit switch to give passive control contacts

- Realize integral control, own local displacement/remote control function and open, close and stop at local control functions Equipped with thermal protection element for electric motor. Equipped with an electrically controlled space heater in the cave.

- Rotation angle of output shaft is greater than or less than 90° Other special function requirements. Includes 2 types

+ 1-Stage Quarter-Turn Transmission (1 ring drive)

+ 2-Stage Quarter-Turn Transmission (2-ring drive)

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