Foreste Multiple Defense Multi-Purpose Low-Pressure Fire Extinguisher

Manufacture: forede
Product code: Multiple Defense

Multiple Defense Fire Nozzles
✅ provide the ability to spray both fine boreholes and mist at the same time
✅ protective nozzles can operate effectively at pressures as low as 50 psi to reduce rescuer fatigue fire or up to 100 psi for maximum flow. This versatile, versatile nozzle is well suited for a wide range of applications with water and foam


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Product information

Fire prevention nozzle combines solid flow and fog nozzle with the ability to flow independently or simultaneously. Solid bores must have field-changeable tips with 3/4'' or 1'' holes (others can be customized) and fog will flow 135 gpm @ 100 psi or 500 lpm @ 7 bar.


Weight 3,1 kg
Type versatile
Structure Hard anodized aluminum alloy

2,5 ''

Lenght 290 mm
Withd 110 mm

220 mm

Flow 500 + 300 LPM @ 7 bar


1) Can be mounted with quick attack foam hose.

2) With Pistol Grip.

3) Both smooth and fog bore are available at the same time.

4) 4 pattern drill holes, smooth bore (Jet) - fine mist and mist borehole - wider - Discharge.

5) 360° rotatable input.


- Fire and Rescue Service

- Defense Sector

- Oil & Gas

- Petrochemical Installation

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