Forede 400 LPM Handline automatic spray nozzle

Manufacture: forede
Product code: 400 LPM Handline

400 LPM Handline Automatic Fire Extinguisher Hose  Excellent performance and stable guidance ⭐
✅ Light hard anodized aluminum alloy make it very popular among Professional Firefighters and Firefighters around the world.


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Product information

The FOREDE 400 LPM automatic fire sprinkler body is made of lightweight hard anodized aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance and long-lasting protection in surface finishes. 400LPM is an automatic pistol grip Flow range is up to 40-400 LPM (10-100 GPM) when flushing, After the operations are done, the flow regulator can be set to the “Discharge” setting. ” to ensure any foam or debris is flushed out of the nozzle. Swivel input fits most commonly used adapters in the world, female and male BSP Stream inputs are also available on request. Our fire sprinklers accept OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), ODM (Original Design Manufacturer).

Structure Dear Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Sliding valve Stainless Steel
Handle ABS (standard), Aluminum alloy (optional)
Pistol Grip ABS
Buffer Rubber
Working pressure 6 bar
Max pressure 25 bar
Water spray range 40 m @ 5 bar
Fog corner 130 °
Flow range 40-400 LPM (10-100 GPM), automatic
Size 2,5 inch,  STORZ, GOST, NH, INST, MACHINO, v.v.

Featured 1) Automatic (constant pressure, variable flow, constant gallonage, constant flow per sample).

2) 6 stainless steel slide valve compartments.

3) Simple operation (1/4 turn line to fog).

4) Fixed molded rubber teeth.

5) Hard coated anodized aluminum foil.

6) Inlet screen (304 stainless steel).

7) 360° rotation, full time, even after tightening

8) Compatible with Quick Mount Foam Tube


- Fire and rescue services

- Defense fields

- Strawberry when

- Petrochemical installation

- Marine Industry (On and Offshore)



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