FOREDE 2000 LPM flow fire sprinkler

Manufacture: forede
Product code: FOREDE 2000 LPM

⭐  is an automatic steering wheel widely used in oil and gas, marine industry and fire fighting , FOREDE 2000 LPM Automatic Pistol Grip Nozzle Automatically adjusts pressure in the Hose , no need to divert, reduce The maximum recoil force is small, and the safety of the water gun can be greatly improved. Sliding valve design can minimize the turbulence in the nozzle. Especially in environments with poor stability such as roofs, slopes, overhead vehicles, recoil (also known as recoil) becomes a very dangerous factor. After using 2000 LPM, this kind of danger can be avoided.


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Product information

2000 LPM automatic flame nozzle with large flow rate up to 400-2000 LPM (100-500 GPM), better for 2-3 people to hold when using. As a nozzle with a large flow and a long spray range, it always works in a large fire situation.


Structure Close Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Sliding valve ABS (standard), Aluminum alloy/stainless steel (optional)
Handle ABS (standard), Aluminum alloy (optional)
Handle ABS
Buffer Rubber
Pressure 7 bar
Max pressure 25 bar
Spray range 60 mét @ 7 bar
Fog corner 130 °
Spray range 400-2000 LPM (100-500 GPM), tự động
Size 2,5 inch, có sẵn cho STROZ, GOST ,, NH, INST, MACHINO, v.v.

Featured 1) Automatic (constant pressure, variable flow, constant gallonage, constant flow per sample). 2) 6 stainless steel slide valve compartments. 3) Simple operation (1/4 turn line to fog). 4) Fixed molded rubber teeth. 5) Hard coated anodized aluminum foil. 6) Inlet screen (304 stainless steel). 7) 360° rotation, full time, even after tightening 8) Compatible with Quick Mount Foam Hose (see in website) 9) Large flow rate. Application - Fire and rescue services - Defense fields - Strawberry when - Petrochemical installation

- Marine Industry (On and Offshore)



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