Foamtec AFFF 1 percent Ultra LT fire fighting foam

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Product information

AFFF 1% Ultra LT

Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT is an aqueous film forming concentrate (AFFF) consisting of fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon surfactants blended with various solvents, preservatives and stabilizers. The foam forms a film of water that quickly cuts off the oxygen supply and extinguishes the fire. The foam expands, which the film is released, forming a stable blanket that prevents the release of flammable vapors and cools the fuel surface, extinguishing the fire and preventing re-ignition. The low surface tension of the aqueous foam allows the water film, although heavier than the burning liquid, to float on the liquid surface. Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT should be used at 1% volumetric solution (1 part concentrate in 99 parts water) in brackish, fresh or seawater. It can also be stored as a premix solution in fresh water.


Approved, UL listed / FM approved / ICAO / EN / GOST Tested, listed and approved with Sprinklers. Excellent firefighting against Class B hydrocarbon fires. For use in all high-risk applications such as warehouses, offshore installations, oil and chemical tankers, petrochemical and chemical plants.


Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT is designed for use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil, diesel and aviation fuels as well as Class A fires such as wood, paper, textiles, etc. Refer to the FM Approval Guide and UL List for approved fuel hazards and approved application rates for FM or UL systems. It can be used with both suction and non-suction discharge devices. The Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT is particularly suitable whenever rapid fire suppression is required. It is compatible with all dry chemical powders and can be used in powder/foam dual-agent systems, this claim is not endorsed by UL or FM.

Combustion & foaming performance

The flame retardancy of this product has been measured and recorded in accordance with the "International Approvals" outlined herein. Foaming properties depend on the equipment used and other variables such as water and ambient temperature. Average expansion 7:1, drain time ¼ average 02:30 min using UNI 86 test hose.

Proportional allocation

The Fomtec AFFF 1% Ultra LT can easily be proportioned at the correct dilution using common equipment such as:

✔️ Inline choke

✔️ Inline pressure balancing system, balancing system (ILBP)

✔️ Bladder tank and proportional controller

✔️ Around the pump balance system

✔️ Water engine or turbine foam balancer

✔️ Branch pipes and self-guided nozzles

✔️ Refer to FM approval guidelines and UL Listing for a balance device that has been approved for use with this concentrate.

Water spray application

Water spray applications are particularly difficult for any type of foam due to the very low operating pressures and very low achievable expansion. Applying foam through a sprinkler is a very robust method of application and requires foam that can handle direct application and partial flooding to the fuel without sacrificing its combustion performance and fire resistance. . Foams to be considered suitable for Sprinkler applications must also be able to withstand a limited time of flooding directly onto the foam blanket without losing its fireproof properties. The Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT has passed these tests showing very good extinguishing and burning properties. Refer to the FM Approval Guide and UL List for acceptable system configurations for use with these specific and concentrated sprinkler SINs and their associated minimum application rates.

The Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT is ideal for all high-risk applications where any type of outlet can be used such as:

✅ Petrochemical and chemical plants

✅ Overseas installation

✅ Oil tankers

✅ Tank hangar, military

✅ Warehouses Specifications

✅ Structure: Clear to slightly yellow liquid

✅ Specific gravity at 20 °C : 1,050 +/- 0.02 g/ml

✅ Viscosity at 25°C spindle #2, 60 rpm : 15 mPas +/- 5

✅ Viscosity at 20 °C spindle #2, 60 rpm : 20 mPas +/- 5

✅ Viscosity at -18°C spindle #2, 60 rpm : 220 mPas +/- 10

✅ pH: 7.9 - 8.9

✅ Freezing temperature: -38°C

✅ Recommended storage temperature: -38 - 55°C

✅ UL / FM temperature range : -18 - 49°C

✅ Suspended scale (v / v): Less than 0.2%

✅ Surface tension : 19.0 mN / m

Environmental impact

Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT is formulated using specially selected raw materials, selected for their combustion performance and environmental characteristics. Formtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT is biodegradable. It contains only C6 fluorotelomers. Handling spills of concentrated solutions, foam never comply with local regulations. Normally drainage systems will have no problem with a 1% foam solution based on Fomtec AFFF 1% ULTRA LT, but local sewer operators should be consulted in this regard. Our C6 Foam is PFOA and PFOS free, in compliance with the US EPA Regulatory Program 2010/15 and EU Directive 2006/122/EC and Council Directive 76/769/EEC as amended. . Full details will be found in the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Storage / Shelf life

Stored in the original, intact packaging, the product will have a long shelf life. A shelf life of 10 - 20 years will be found in temperate climates. As with all foams, shelf life will depend on temperature and storage conditions. If the product is frozen during storage or transportation, thawing will render the product fully usable. Synthetic foam concentrates should only be stored in stainless steel or plastic containers. Since electrochemical corrosion can occur at joints between dissimilar metals when they come contact with foam concentrates, only one metal should be used for pipes, fittings, pumps and tanks that can be used. used in the storage of foam concentrates. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for storage and handling to ensure favorable storage conditions.

International approval

- Standard UL 162 (7th Edition)

- ULC listed

- FM Approved


- EN 1568, part 3

- ICAO Level B

Packing: 25 liters, 200 liters, 1000 liters




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