Foam construction with high expansion coefficient


What is High Expansion Coefficient Foam? What is foam? The answer is a foam with a large volume, high durability, contains a lot of air, but has a smaller density than gasoline, oil, or water...

1. How is the composition of high expansion coefficient foam foam understood??

Cấu tạo bọt Foam hệ số nở cao

Bọt Foam hệ số nở cao

They are created by the following 3 components:

+ Water

+ Concentrated foam

+ Air. Substances that create foam Foam AFFF (water-based) is a foam that will create a fine mist over the surface of hydrocarbon fuels.

+ Foam ARC (alcohol-resistant concentrate) is a foam that will create a sticky film on the plane of the insoluble fuel.

Water is mixed with foam concentrate, forming a foam solution. This solution is again mixed with air (air suction) to create a fire-fighting foam with enough features, ready to spray on the surface of the inflammable object and extinguish the fire.

2. What is the expansion rate of high expansion coefficient foam?

- At high expansion, the finished foam has an expansion rate of over 200, let's see the following example table:

- For example: 100 liters of water + premix solution produces about 40 000 liters of finished foam. That means the expansion ratio of the foam is 40000/100 = 400.

- High expansion foam covers a large amount quickly over the fire area due to the large volume of foam generated. Fire-fighting foam and insulation. At high expansion will produce many light bubbles, it contains a large amount of air and is not suitable for outdoor use because high expansion foam cannot be produced.

Cấu tạo bọt Foam hệ số nở cao

Cấu tạo bọt Foam hệ số nở cao

3. How high expansion foam is made?

- High expansion foam is generated through high expansion foam generator or high expansion fire extinguishing system using internal air technique. The finished high expansion foam flows directly from the defoamer. It achieves large discharge of high expansion finished foam with little water usage

- High expansion foaming is used in 3-dimensional fires, to flood high volume surfaces and fill voids. High expansion foam is mostly used on dry product fires or in mixed-risk facilities.

4. Which fires use High Expansion Foam?

- Including the following (class A and B fires):

- Stores, warehouses, flammable liquid storage protection, hangars, distribution depots, tunnel facilities, marine engines and pump rooms on ships and boats.

- Usually fluorine-free (F3) and fluorinated foam concentrates (AFFF and AR-AFFF) can be mixed with seawater or fresh water to produce foam proportions.

At this point, you can briefly understand what high expansion coefficient foam is, right? Hello everyone and thank you for visiting to support us.

Finally, I wish you all good health and happiness!!!


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