FNV-MP,Main cabinet of radio evacuation system

Product code: FNV-MP

FNV-MP: Main cabinet of radio evacuation system
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The operations of the Hochiki FNV High-rise Evacuation System combine with the fire alarm control panel in the building to provide automatic response to life safety emergencies. The Hochiki FNV includes all the features needed to support an effective voice evacuation system. It can be custom configured to meet the needs of any high-rise application. Fire authorities can easily take command of evacuation or relocation procedures and emergencies. Building managers and fire crews can monitor and control the emergency response even when experts arrive. The FNV system includes capacity for 6 simultaneous audio channels. This provides for evacuation, stay in place or other public address announcements and automated messages. Warden Station or Fighter Phones may be included upon request. Rescue stations in the area can reassure people with disabilities who are helping. Smoke control, stair pressurization, and HVAC shutdown can be fully automated, unless controlled electronically

FNV-MP,Main cabinet of radio evacuation system

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EXCELLENT STANDARD FEATURES 864 9th Edition listed Distributed 6-channel multichannel audio Telephone fire sound (optional) Multimedia system components added as needed Filters 2-channel digital messaging is repeated for any area. protocol Closely monitored Installation and operation Easy Natural voice audio recording 4 Minute alarm and alarm storage Message capacity compatible with 12VDC or 24VDC Fire Alarm Control Panels Listed to be integrated with FireNET®2127 / Restart message 4127 min 3 on microphoneUpUp key to 256 distribution boards.

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