Floating Gate Valve,Sink Arm ARV Malaysia

Manufacture: Malaysia
Product code: ARV Malaysia

The famous gate valve in English is called gate valves
✔️ Imported ARV Malaysia, very popularly used for fire fighting water systems
✔️ selling at genuine price, with stamp and inspection certificate of fire alarm kit


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1. What is a floating gate valve?

Floating Gate Valve - Sink Arm ARV Malaysia

The floating gate valve is a type of valve that is sealed by a rubber-coated valve with a fixed nut on the valve stem. Light acting valves are free jamming and chemical corrosion.

• Valves are designed with advanced design, saving force and easy maintenance.

• Valve body and cover are made high-grade cast iron, the weight of the valve is 20-30% smaller than that of the valve made gray cast iron.

• Valve body is designed flat to avoid jamming. The valve leaf is covered with high-grade rubber that meets the safety standards for drinking water.

• Both the inside and outside of the valve are covered with epoxy paint to resist environmental corrosion.

• Manufactured according to standards: ISO 7259-1998.

• Dimensions between two flanges as standard - F/F (Face to Face) meets the following standard: GB1221-1989;ISO5752-1982, Table1, Series3; BS5163-1986.

• Flanges are designed according to standards: GB/T17241.6-1998;ISO7005.2-1998;EN1092.2-1997. Valves are applied in water supply and drainage industries, in HVAC systems, fire protection systems, etc.

2. Parameters of floating gate valve ARV Malaysia


Specifications - ARV Malaysia:

Size: DN400 - 10000

Working pressure: 10, 16, 20, 25 Kgf/cm2

Working temperature: -10 ~ 80C

Working environment: Water, waste water

Connection according to standard flange: PN10 / PN16 / PN20 / JIS 10K / ANSI 150-LB




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