FLM 420/4 CON,4-Wire Common Interface Module LSN

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FLM ‑ 420/4 ‑ CON

FLM ‑ 420/4 ‑ CON : 4-wire common interface module LSN
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Detailed description of FLM 420/4 CON : 4-wire LSN . common interface module

The FLM 420/4 CON common interface module allows conventional detectors to be connected to LSN fire panels via a 4-wire supply network (LSN Security Local Area Network with external power supply) . The interface modules in the 420 series are specially developed for connection to the LSN enhanced version of the secure local network and provide enhanced functionality. In the classic mode, the built-in rotary switches are selected, the interface modules can be connected to all classic LSN fire panels.

- Can be used with a wide range of conventional

- Monitor main lines for alarms, short circuits and broken lines

- Conventional detectors can be connected in two stubs or a ring

- Individual detector parameters can be programmed for each stub

- Maintain LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruptions or short circuits thanks to two built-in isolators

- Expansion system limits the value of innovative LSN . technology

FLM Specifications 420/4 CON : 4-wire common interface module LSN

FLM ‑ 420/4 ‑ CON : Mô đun giao diện thông thường 4 dây LSN

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