Flame Detector Tester Lamp for Fire Alarm System

Manufacture: INGESCO
Product code: Flame Detector Tester

The tester has a built-in flame burner that emits infrared wavelengths greater than 850 nanometers and ultraviolet wavelengths less than 280 nanometers through infrared filters and ultraviolet filte...


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Product information

Installation guide

1.Charging: plug the dedicated power charger to the power port. After the device is fully charged, the charger indicator lights will change red to green.

2.Connection: the number of connecting rods according to the height and rotate to connect the tester and connecting rods clockwise or dissemble counterclockwise

3. Disassembly and assembly of protection cover: rofate and remove protection cover counterclockwise and install the protection cover clockwise.

4.window with optical filter is the infrared light-emitting source. The window without an optical filter is the ultraviolet light-emitting source

5.The tester has a built-in flame burner that emits infrared wavelengths greater than 850 nanometers and ultraviolet  wavelengths less than 280 nanometers through infrared filters and ultraviolet filters. The composite flame detector detects that the cover of the upper cover needs to be removed, and the output port can be aligned with the detector, and the distance is greater than 15 inside. 


1. The first charging of battery rod (relay device to be ourchased separately) should not be fewer than 8 hours.

2. As the body of the gun is made of stainless steel, it should be distanced the electrified body in use.

3. As the head of the gun is made of anodizing aviation aluminum, it should be distanced the electrified body in use.

4. Devices idle for a long time should be charged once a month.

5. Do not emit infrared or ultraviolet source to the naked eyes.

6. It’s forbidden to touch optical filter with hands directly. The device can be cleaned with clean water and wiped with lens wiping cloth before usage.

5. The working range of the tester is vertical plus or minus 45 degrees. When the range is exceeded, the power is automatically cut off and the working protection state is entered.


Battery voltage: DC7.4V,2200MA/H

Charger output: DC8.4V, 1000MA

The total length of the tester: 2.5m

Materials of the tester: aluminum

Materials of the connecting rod: stainless steel

Materials of package box: aluminum

infrared waveband scope of (0.5 u m-5.5 u m)

ultraviolet waveband scope of (185nm-255nml

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