Fixed Incremental Heat Detector Model 5151

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: Model 5151

The 5151 ⭐ heat detector meets the needs of applications where quick response is important and where a rapid rise in temperature will only be caused by a fire emergency,The detector starts dynamically in response to both conditions of increased speed (increased in excess of 15
°F per minute) and constant heat (135
°F). This allows the heat detector to communicate alarms to the central control panel before reaching a fixed set point for a high rate of rise, providing timely response to both fast and slow temperature rises. . A complete line of accessories is available for this product.


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Product information


• Low standby current

• Compatible with 400 Series products

• Two LEDs show “flashing” in standby mode and provide 360° field of view

• The probe easily plugs the base

• Integrated test switch

• Wide range of mounting brackets with built-in short spring


Type Fixed rising heat detector
Size Diameter 1,64 "(42 mm) H x 4,0" (102 mm)
Humidity 10% to 93% RH,
Operating voltage 8,5 to 35VDC
Standby current voltage 80 & micro; A @ 24VDC
Temperature 32 & deg; to 100 & deg; F (0 & deg; to 38 & deg; C)
Weight 2,8 oz. (80g)
Standard Đầu báo nhiệt cố định gia tăng Model 5151

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