Fixed faucet cabinet SRI Moddel J

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: Moddel J

Including faucet cabinet models
⭐  HRS097-MS-350-RD, HRS097-MS-255-RD, HRS097-MS-185-RD, HRS096-MS-350-RD, HRS096-MS-255-RD, HRS096-MS -185-RD  imported Malaysia-SRI provide the best quantity for the project  the best price in the Southeast


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Diameter 740mm (W) x 1040mm (H) x A (D)
Structure Mid Steel
Width 1.2 mm
Capacity Fixed reel 1 or 3/4 . tube
Installed Surface / wall mount, recessed
Paint Red epoxy, 70 micron min.
Model Dimensions A (Depth) mm Type
HRS097-MS-350-RD 350 concave
HRS097-MS-255-RD 255 concave
HRS097-MS-185-RD 185 concave
HRS096-MS-350-RD 350 Surface / wall mount
HRS096-MS-255-RD 255 Surface / wall mount
HRS096-MS-185-RD 185 Surface / wall mount


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