Fivalco Full Lug F12 Butterfly Valve PN16 PN25

Manufacture: Fivalco
Product code: Full Lug F12

Price list of Butterfly Valves Fivalco Full Lug F12 PN16 / PN25 ⭐
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Product information

Fivalco Full Lug F12 . Butterfly Valve PN16 / PN25 Figure number: F12 CHARACTERISTICS & SPECIFICATIONS

• Greater durability for pinned single-shaft discs ensuring optimal alignment

• Centered disc and hydrodynamic design minimize pressure loss

• Can be installed at horizontal or vertical pipeline

• Phenolic-backed rubber seat does not collapse, resists stretch and is easy to replace

• Excellent flow properties with flow in either direction

• Design conforms to BS EN 593/BS 5155/MSS SP-67/API 609

• Precision machining of disc for low operating torque

• No gasket required for installation

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