Fire-fighting foam tank

Manufacture: kvfire
Product code: foam tank

The bladder pool foam balancing system uses water pressure⭐ to inject concentrated foam the water source and automatically proportions foam concentrates
✅ over a wide range of flow and pressure, with very low pressure drop . This system does not require a centralized supply pump.


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Product information

The bladder pool foam ratio system is available with vertical and horizontal bladder tanks. The carbon steel tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with ASME Code Part VIII for pressure vessels. Maximum working pressure is 12 Bar (175 psi) and factory tested for 18 Bar (261 psi). The vertical tank assembly is supported by a continuous skirt with redundancy for anchors. The horizontal tanks are supported by two saddles welded to the tank and drilled for anchorage. Tanks are supplied with lifting lugs.

The system is provided with pressure vessel, bladder, filling and draining valve for water and foam concentrate, proportional controller and vent valve. Steps and glass assemblies are available as optional items upon request.


Foam tub style Horizontal or vertical
Capacity For vertical tanks: 150 liters to 5000 liters. (40 TO 1320 gallons (US)) For horizontal tanks: 150 liters to 10000 liters. (40 to 2640 gallons (US))
Pressure 12 Bar (175 PSI)
Test Pressure 18 Bar (261 PSI)
Structure Carbon steel according to ASME Code Part VIII for pressure vessels.
Bag Thermoplastic, Mullen burst pressure +800 PSI. Thickness 1.44 + 0.125 mm


Outer tube Water surface: Seamless carbon steel sch 40. Concentrated porous surface: SS sch 40
VENT and DRAIN Ball Valve (Bronze / SS)
Accessory Optometry with shut-off and drain valves, ladders and centralized supply control valves
Panit Red
ORDER INFORMATION Please specify: Tank type, vertical or horizontal Storage capacity of concentrated foam Model number, size of controller proportional to flow and pressure. The type of foam concentrate used and the induction rate required.


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