Fire safety measures at workplaces and production areas


To ensure fire safety in the workplace and production area, we need the cooperation of each individual, compliance with regulations on fire prevention and fighting of the owner of the production facility as well as monitoring and supervision. timeliness of the authorities. In particular, measures to ensure fire safety should be specified as follows:

- Fire prevention and fighting regulations need to be clearly posted, and signs prohibiting fire, smoking, or firefighting regulations should be hung in places with potential fire and explosion risks.

- Implement synchronously and seriously technical measures and solutions to control and strictly control heat sources, fire sources, heat sources and fire sources.

- Must ensure good fire safety in the workplace before work can be carried out. When detecting signs of unsafe fire prevention and fighting in the workplace, you should immediately notify your superiors, managers or authorities when necessary. When leaving work, turn off all electrical equipment and heat sources before leaving work.


Fire safety measures at workplaces and production areas


- Pay special attention to fire safety issues if the work process requires contact with flammable and explosive substances such as gasoline, oil, flammable gases, etc. Regulations on loading and unloading goods in the warehouse need to be strictly followed. .

- The entire electrical system and in each area and workshop, especially equipment with large operating capacity, need to install Aptomat. This will help electrical systems adjust power levels appropriately and ensure greater safety. Acts that are considered strictly prohibited: Connecting or using electrical wires to plug into electrical outlets, using electricity for the wrong purpose causing unsafety,...

- If the job requires cutting or welding metal, you need to prepare shielding equipment made from very good fire-resistant materials, and weld and cut in an area without flammable substances, and move flammable substances. Stay at least 10m away and send someone to regularly monitor the welding and cutting process. At the same time, all welding and cutting equipment and tools must also meet requirements and ensure fire safety.

- Each workplace must be equipped with effective fire protection equipment such as sprayers, fire hoses, etc.; There should be an escape diagram for each area and each project; Design a system of direction indicators and emergency lighting at escape routes.


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