Fire safety measures at home


Fire prevention is an extremely important job in protecting our property, life and health, especially when fire phenomena are happening more and more like today. In particular, each of us needs to raise awareness of fire prevention through seriously implementing the following issues:

- Each household needs to build their own escape route when a fire occurs. Please equip your family with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and water storage tools to put out fires in the event of a bad situation. All family members need to understand how to use those devices.

- Particularly in the cooking area, we need to limit flammable objects and goods. You should not store flammable liquids, gasoline, gas, oil, etc. at home, and if you have to store them, try to keep as little as possible, and take maximum safety measures against them. fire. Only use the stove, stove, oven, etc. when someone is watching, absolutely do not let children near them. There should be a non-flammable material between the cooking area and other spaces in the house. When using a gas stove, you should pay attention to the gas tank and take safety measures when cooking, turning the stove on and off properly.

Fire safety measures at home

- The altar needs to be arranged properly, in which the incense and lamps on the altar must be firmly placed, not wobbly or easy to fall to avoid causing a fire.


- Particularly for parts such as motorbikes, cars - vehicles that use gasoline, oil, etc., need to be kept away from stoves, fire sources, flammable objects, etc.


- For the electrical system, the automatic shut-off device is always in operation in each room, each floor and each device that consumes large power capacity.


- Before going to bed or when leaving the house, always carefully check the electrical appliances and cooking appliances in the house to see if they are safe and turned off more carefully.


- In high-rise apartments, iron cages should not be installed on the railings. If the family has small children or is forced to install a railing, it is necessary to install an escape door to prevent the worst from happening. Households should also prepare rope ladders to escape when necessary.


- Household furniture and equipment need to be installed neatly and neatly in accordance with regulations, and must not encroach on the emergency exit area. Demolition tools should be available in case an emergency escape is needed.


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