Fire Pump KFP6RUF26R1 UL FM ,Standard-Imported Pump

Manufacture: Kirloskar
Product code: KFP6R-UF26R1-1

Fire Pump KFP6RUF26R1 UL/FM Standard - Kirloskar pccc pump - India imported diesel engine pump - UL/FM standard  Latest price list
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Product information

Fire Fighting Pump KFP6RUF26R1 UL/FM Standard is a 6-cylinder engine, turbo after cooling, providing 3 different types of power as below

Máy Bơm PCCC KFP6RUF26R1 Chuẩn UL/FM-Máy Bơm Nhập Khẩu

Technical specifications of KFP6RUF26R1 Fire Fighting Pump UL/FM Standard

Máy Bơm PCCC KFP6RUF26R1 Chuẩn UL/FM-Máy Bơm Nhập Khẩu

- Engine manufacturing: KOEL

- Engine type: DIESEL

- Rotation: 1760 RPM/min, 2100 RPM/min, 2200 RPM/min, 2350 RPM/min, 2600 RPM/min

- Engine power HP(kw): 169hp, 191hp, 196hp, 203hp, 225hp - Standard: UL/FM

- Origin: India

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