Fire protection equipment not to be skiping for every family


Fire protection devices are tools that put out a fire or protect a user from a fire❌ These are also fire protection devices in every home.

Fire protection equipment It is a must-have in every family. It will help you minimize the consequences that a fire can cause. So what does fire prevention and fighting equipment include? Let's find out through this article.

Khái niệm thiết bị phòng cháy chữa cháy là gì?

Khái niệm thiết bị phòng cháy chữa cháy là gì?

What is the concept of fire protection equipment?

Fire protection devices are tools that put out a fire or protect a user from a fire. These are also fire protection devices in every home. Everyone must know how to use these devices. That is the way to protect your life and property against ''severe flames''.

Fire protection equipment in each family

Currently, there are many necessary fire protection equipment for families. Here we will learn together about some of the most common devices. Please remember and equip your family.

Các thiết bị phòng cháy chữa cháy trong mỗi gia đình

Bình chữa cháy bằng khí CO2

CO2 gas fire extinguisher

CO2 gas fire extinguisher It is a quick and effective fire extinguishing device. The vase is made of cast steel, the bottle is painted in a distinctive red color. The mouth of the tank is fitted with a set of copper-alloy exhaust valves with a 1-way screw-type valve or a normally closed 1-way compression spring valve with a trigger on the top.

On the valve assembly there is a safety valve, this valve works when the pressure in the tank increases too much, allowing the valve to release air to ensure safety. The spray speaker is made of hard plastic and is attached to the valve assembly by means of a hard steel pipe or a flexible hose. Inside the tank, there is CO2 gas that is compressed at extremely high pressure.

The fire fighting mechanism of CO2 is to reduce the concentration of combustible vapors in the fire and cool because CO2 is in liquid form when it evaporates, it will collect a large amount of heat..

Escape hammer

This is a specially designed tool that can generate enough force to help the user break the door to escape when a fire occurs. To choose a good, quality escape hammer, learn about it and how to use it before buying.

In addition, on the escape hammer, it is possible to add a number of functions such as flashlights, luminescent bars, etc.

Bình chữa cháy xử lý cháy ban đầu

Bình chữa cháy xử lý cháy ban đầu

Fire extinguishers for initial fire treatment

The primary fire extinguishers commonly used are gas and powder extinguishers. Each type of fire extinguisher has its own advantages and is suitable for each specific case. However, all fires can be handled with these two types of extinguishers.

To bring the highest efficiency, you should participate in training courses on how to use fire extinguishers. If there is a problem, it can be dealt with.

Anti-smoke mask

How to quickly move away from the fire with dense smoke. The solution for you is to use an anti-smoke mask. When the mask is put on, the user will be protected from the heat and smoke of the fire. This is also a necessary condition for you to get out of the fire quickly and safely.

That's because the anti-smoke mask is specially designed from good heat-resistant materials, with a smart air filter that turns toxic gases into clean gas for the user. So don't forget to wear a smoke mask to use when needed.

Foam solution bottle

Bình dung dịch bọt

The foam tank is a good fire extinguishing device. The bottle contains Foam - a very good and effective fire extinguishing agent. You know, combustion only takes place when there are 4 elements: heat, fuel, oxygen and a chemical reaction between these 3 elements. That said, if you can prevent these 4 factors. Fire will not take place.

This type of equipment extinguishes fire by creating a layer of foam that prevents the contact of gasoline, conductors with flammable objects. It also cools, lowers the temperature. Therefore, this is one of the effective fire fighting equipment.

Rope ladder

Fire rope ladder is an indispensable device in the escape system. It helps the user get out of a dangerous position from a certain height distance. This is an essential tool. Equipment is needed everywhere, the number of rope ladders needed is proportional to the number of people in that space.

When choosing a rope ladder, it is necessary to consider the material, the certainty, the assessment of the competent authorities on the product. There are also many other fire protection equipment, you can refer to and learn more.

Above is information about fire protection equipment that cannot be ignored for every family. Hope this article has brought you something useful. If you need advice or buy fire protection equipment, you can visit:/ or contact directly at the address at the end of the article:


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