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Many readers ask where is the address of Quang Nam Quang Ngai Fire Protection Equipment Company? Is this company reputable? shares an address: DONG NAM TECHNOLOGY TRADING JOINT STOCK COMPANY (DONATECH)

Currently, there are many projects, factories, and warehouses in industrial parks in the two provinces of Quang Nan and Quang Ngai, so contractors here need to find an address. fire protection equipment company in Quang Nam Quang Ngai having credibility is one thing necessary.

Công ty thiết bị phòng cháy chữa cháy tại quảng nam quảng ngãi

Công ty thiết bị phòng cháy chữa cháy tại quảng nam quảng ngãi

CTY CỔ PHẦN THƯƠNG MẠI KỸ THUẬT CÔNG NGHỆ ĐÔNG NAM  có thể được xếp vào top 1 là nơi cung cấp nhiều thiết bị pccc thông dụng hiện nay.


Fire Detectors

- If in the past companies, factories, high-rise apartments, hotels... needed fire alarm equipment, now people are also encouraged to install fire alarm systems. You should install a smoke detector or a gas leak detector. Depending on the origin and quality of this product, the price will fluctuate, you can contact fire protection equipment companies for advice.

Escape hammer

- The escape hammer is specially designed, capable of creating a large impact force to quickly break the exit door if a fire accidentally occurs. There are many types of hammers suitable for different living areas and functions. Some types include flashlights, depending on each person to choose the most suitable type.

Fire extinguishers handle initial fires

- There are currently 3 types of fire extinguishers on the market including dry powder extinguishers, CO2 extinguishers, and liquid extinguishers. Dry powder cylinders and CO2 cylinders have different weights from 2 kg to 8kg. CO2 cylinders cannot extinguish burning metal, arcs or oxygen-rich substances, but are only used to extinguish electrical fires. For households, the fire fighting company will recommend using the ABC 2 kg dry powder fire extinguisher because it is quite suitable for the space.

Foam tank

- One of the equipment that needs to be prepared in case of a fire is a foam solution tank. The tank has the function of extinguishing fires and spraying hard objects that can be sprayed on people to help overcome fires without getting burned. Therefore, every family should have this type of tank available to help in emergencies when a fire occurs. Anti-smoke mask - Another indispensable device in the house to prevent a fire from occurring is an anti-smoke mask. This mask will cover the head, avoid fire, has heat-resistant goggles, and supports escape within 30 minutes with an activated carbon filter. You should also own anti-smoke masks for family members to use in case something bad happens. In addition, you can buy additional fireproof soft covers made from non-flammable fiberglass to cover your body to avoid burns during a fire. Stainless steel rope ladder - This type of rope ladder is made from stainless steel threads, hooked to the railing, suitable for households with heights of 10m or less. However, this type of escalator is not suitable for people such as children, the elderly or people with fear of heights... You can refer to this type of escalator to buy for your family.

The emergency rope ladder lowers slowly

- If possible, you should also buy this type of rope ladder because they are highly safe. You just need to hang the gear box on the wall, put on the belt and throw down the emergency rope to swing down to the ground to escape the fire. This product is quite compact and includes a mounting bracket, belt clip, emergency rope and durable steel speed governor with speed brake feature. This type of emergency rope ladder is suitable for apartments with heights from the 3rd floor to the 33rd floor.

- In addition, it is the address of a fire protection equipment company in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai that provides many common firefighting equipment to serve safety in fire prevention. Dong Nam Company is also a place to import many types from Famous brands such as Multron Fire, Hochiki, HDfire, Newage fire, SRI, Unipos, Naffo fire, Tyco, Viking...

Công ty thiết bị phòng cháy chữa cháy tại quảng nam quảng ngãi

- Equipment supplied to the market meets European and American standards: UL/FM

- 100% inspection and stamping equipment

- Stable and transparent prices

- Warranty according to the manufacturer






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