Fire protection cabinets, Shilla indoor cabinets

Manufacture: Shillafire
Product code: Fire protection

Outdoor cabinet  indoor cabinet  fire hydrant sprayer cabinet
✅ imported Korean Shilla  size 50mm~ 1500mm quantity supply, 12 month warranty  delivery to the place  contact Contact 0917.911.114


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Product information

Installed inside the building. There are exposed, buried and free-standing types depending on the installation method. As a quick fire extinguishing device used in the event of a fire, the nozzle holder, fire hose reel...

Tủ PCCC, Tủ trong nhà Shilla

Dimensions of indoor cabinets, fire protection cabinets Shilla

  Diameter Structure Note
Horizontal(A) 600mm-1000mm

1.5T or stainless steel 1.6T Carbon Steel

Door area: 0.5m² or more Short length: more than 500mm Optional: materials such as fire hydrants, KFI certification.
Vertical(B) 1200mm-1500mm
Wide(C) 180mm-300mm
Foot(D) 50mm-500mm


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