Fire Order Banners And Things You Need To Know


Fire Order Banners And Things You Need To Know

Most of you have encountered it somewhere once such as a restaurant, hotel, factory .... Fire prevention and fighting order signs but do not clearly understand the details of the information on fire prevention and fighting signs today. Today, let's go with Dong Nam to learn in detail about the regulations on which organizational units need to have order signs. What is the concept of fire prevention and fire protection standards? Now let's find out the details of the article below with Dong Nam

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Who Needs a Eligible Fire Permit to Equip Yourself with a Fire Order Signage

- According to state regulations, only when business and production activities meet fire safety conditions will they be licensed to do business. If the following business establishments want to operate, they need to apply for a license. fire protection permits and equip themselves with fire fighting means and signs of fire prevention and fighting according to regulations - Establishments for production and processing of petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas and flammable and explosive chemicals - Houses, hotels, offices, office rental houses with a height of 7 floors or more

- Petroleum depots with a total capacity of 500 m3 or more, liquefied petroleum gas depots with a total gas weight of 600 kg or more;

- Establishments producing, processing, supplying, preserving and using industrial explosives;

- Solid or semi-permanent markets with a total business area of 1200m2 or more or with 300 business households or more, shopping centers, supermarkets, department stores with a total area of stalls of 300m2 or more up to or having a total volume of 1,000 m3 or more;

- Thermal power plants with a capacity of 100,000 KW or more, hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 20,000 KW or more, transformer stations with a voltage of 220KV or more;

- Petrol and liquefied petroleum gas trading shops;

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What is the Fire Prevention Order Table?

The concept of fire prevention and fighting standards are the most basic detailed instructions with brief, easy-to-understand and concise content and images on basic steps to promptly handle fire incidents occurring at the site. the point I'm at. Ensuring the basic fire fighting steps in time to avoid the fire spreading to other areas, ensuring the safety of life and property in the event of a fire or explosion incident.

The Standard Fire Fighting Order Table will include 4 steps as follows:

  1. When a fire or explosion occurs, you must act quickly

  2. Outage of electrical circuit breaker in case of fire and explosion

  3. Use fire extinguisher, sand, and water to put out the fire

  4. Call 114 to the professional fire prevention team


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In addition to the 4-step command table for handling a fire, there is also a table of fire prevention rules to help everyone implement and follow the instructions.

Article 1: Fire prevention and fighting is the obligation of every citizen

Article 2: Each citizen must actively prevent fires from occurring, and at the same time prepare forces and means to promptly and effectively fight fires when needed.

Article 3: Must be cautious in using fire, heat sources, chemicals and flammable substances, toxic explosives and radiation, and comply with fire prevention and fighting regulations.

Article 4: It is forbidden to hook up or use electricity arbitrarily. After working hours, you must check electricity-consuming devices, pay attention to electric lights, electric fans, and electric stoves before leaving. Do not place goods or supplies close to light bulbs or electric stoves. Must strictly comply with technical regulations and safety in using electricity.

Article 5: Supplies and goods must be neatly arranged, ensuring a safe distance for fire prevention and fighting, creating favorable conditions for protection, inspection and rescue when necessary. Do not use a lock to open the fuel tank cap or flammable solvents made of iron or steel.

Article 6: When delivering and receiving goods, the vehicle must not start the engine in the warehouse, where many flammable substances are stored, and when parked, the front of the vehicle must face outward.

Article 7: On walkways, especially emergency exits, do not leave obstacles.

Article 8: Units or individuals with achievements in fire prevention and fighting will be rewarded. Anyone who violates the above regulations will be handled from administrative disciplinary action to prosecution according to the severity of the responsibility. Current law.

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In addition, there are two signs warning not to smoke and use fire in this area, where there is a risk of fire and explosion if you encounter such things.

It is also very important to note that the warning signs after being issued to qualified business establishments, business establishments should pay attention to the location of the warning signs where they are easily seen, or the walkways. There are many people this is also a warning for people to be more aware of the fire prevention to avoid unfortunate incidents related to fire and explosion.

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