Fire hose nozzle SRI WRS077-LA-STD-NA and WRS077-GM-STD-NA

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: WRS077-LA-STD-NA & WRS077-GM-STD-NA

⭐  Spray speed 210L/mi - 510L/min  Range 16m - 22m  Structure: copper or aluminum  1000 comments and shares nozzle  Top 4/5 - evaluation of fire fighting effectiveness


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Product information


Code No Structure Finishing Input size Pressure

@ 65Psi (4.4 Bar)

Spray range
WRS077-LA-STD-NA Aluminum alloy Natural Male

BS 336

210L/min (12mm dia.)

16m (12mm dia.

WRS077-GM-STD-NA Copper alloy B1490 to B1982

510L/min (19mm dia.)

22m (19mm dia.)


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