Fire Extinguisher Powder Trolley ABC 35Kg

Manufacture: China
Product code: ABC MFZLT35

Fire Extinguisher ABC 35kg MFZL35 commonly used in industrials, fuel station, factory. Your Company and factory should equipped to prevent fire effectively in any incident situation.


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Product information
Bottle type Tank trolley 35k
Brand China
Fire extingghuisher Powder

1. Specification of Fire Extinguisher Powder Trolley ABC 35kg MFZLT35

  • Capacity (kg) 35±0.09
  • Spray effect(s): ≥20
  • Spray range (m) ≥8
  • Operating temperature: 10~55
  • Classify: 45B,27A
  • Operating pressure(MPa) 1.2
  • Water test (MPa) 2.5
  • Packing specificationi: 1 bottle / barrel
  • Dimension (cm) 60×50×100

2. Outstanding feature of Fire Extinguisher Powder Trolley ABC 35kg MFZLT35

– Move lighly with 35kg in wheelchair without compromising your strength.

– Long nozzle, long spray range.

– Ability to extinguish fires: Fluids, gases and low voltage equipment below 1000V.

- Use for high fire efficiency.

- Can be used anywhere.

- No toxic substances should be friendly to the environment and safe for health.

3.  Stucture & working principle:

Flame powder fire extinguishers are of two types:
- The type has its own gas, push gas can be placed inside (MF - China) or outside the powder (OPX - Russia).
- There are no separate gas cylinders that feed directly to the powder (MFZ - China).
The Chinese dry powder fire extinguisher MFZ (BC) or MFZL (ABC) is a highly mobile fire extinguisher with N2 gas loaded in the flush.

The cylinders are made of pressure-resistant steel. The propellant was connected to the jar by a xifong tube. Nitrogen, carbonic, hydrogenated halogen hydrocarbons, etc. The valve plugs are fitted with a lid, which can be used to remove powder and air after use. The valve can be a squeeze valve or a valve, a lead-locked valve. Gas pressure clocks may be available (MFZ - China) or without (MF - China). Metal or plastic sprayers, rubber; Size depends on the type of bottle. The outer tube can be hard or soft, depending on the type of bottle. Binh painting on the red labeled characteristics, how to use.

4. How to use:

For portable:
- Transfer to nearby fire location.
- Shake a few times if the gas powder pushed together with flour (MFZ).
- Shock the lead clamp.
- the head wind direction speakers spray the fire.
- Keep containers at a distance of 4 - 1.5 m depending on type of tank.
Squeeze valve to extinguish powder.
- When the gas is weak, approach and spray the speaker to extinguish the fire completely.

For carts:
- Push the vehicle to a fire, pull out the powder, pull the powder to the fire.
- Release the safety pin (lead clamp), pull the main valve on the pitcher perpendicular to the ground.
- Hold the spray drum the wind direction and pull the trigger, the powder will be sprayed.

5. The note when using fire extinguisher dump truck ABC 35kg MFZLT35

- Read the instructions, grasp thoroughly the effect of each type of fire to arrange the fire fires accordingly.
- When spraying, it must stand at the head of the wind direction (external fire); Stand near the door (in fire).
- When the spray must be completely stopped spraying.
- When extinguishing the fire, the liquid must be sprayed on the burning surface, avoiding direct spraying of the liquid to prevent them firing out, to burn more.
- When spraying, depending on each fire and the amount of gas in the tank, the position and distance to spray.
Used fire extinguishers should be kept to avoid confusion.
- When spraying keep the bottle in vertical position.
Enclosed envelope
CO2 fire extinguisher
Trolley fire extinguisher

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