Fire extinguisher powder MTZSL35-Abc,ABC powder fire extinguisher 35kg

Manufacture: dragon
Product code: MFTZL35

MFTZL35-Abc fire extinguisher powder 35kg
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- DRAGON brand fire extinguisher ABC powder type 35kg

- Product name: DRAGON Model: MFTZL35

Bình bột chữa cháy MFTZL35-Abc,Bình chữa cháy bột ABC 35kg

STT Content Parameter
1 Fire fighting capacity 6A.144B.C
2 Spray Distance (Meters) 4,5
3 Effective spray time ~ 20oC (S) 37
4 Weight of extinguishing agent (Kg) 25
5 Total weight of the extinguishing device (Kg) 51
6 Conductor air pressure (Mpa) 1,5
7 Hydraulic Test (Mpa) 2,5
8 Thickness of bottle body (mm) 2,0
9 Expansion volume of vessel body (%) 26,5
10 Stable working temperature -20oC ~ + 60oC
11 Spray delay under high temperature (S) 0
12 Excess rate after spraying under high temperature (%) 7,0
13 Spray delay under low temperature (S) 0
14 Excess rate after spraying under low temperature (%) 8,1
15 Appearance Red

Shell material: Ductile carbon steel.

Production technique of bottle shell: Instant suction

Main extinguishing agent ingredients: NH4H2PO4; (NH4)2SO4…


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