Fire Extinguisher CO2 24kg

Manufacture: China
Product code: MTT24

Fire Extinguisher Trolley CO2 24kg MTT24, this product is applycated in large-scale work, medium and large factory. sản phẩm được ứng dụng nhiều trong những công trình có quy mô lớn, nhà máy xí nghiệp vừa và lớn. Extinguisher have high mobility thanks to trolley,strong spray force, easy to use, operate whenever incidents occur, to ensure high safety users.


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Product information
Type of pot Fire Extinguisher 24kg
Brand China
Fire Extinguisher CO2

24kg CO2 fire extinguisher, usually found in laboratories, hospitals, schools, airports, etc. This type of container has attached but very heavy weight so it is usually fixed one place. The only advantage is that the spray vat of the jar is long enough and the range of the spray can be extended to distant fires or fires. The volume of gas in the large jar can block large fires and fast fire.


Bình chữa cháy CO2 24kg

1. Technical Specifications:

  • Working temperature: ≤10
  • Categories (B) ≤5
  • Operating pressure(MPa) 10
  • Water test (MPa) 10~55
  • Packing: 1 bottle / carton
  • Dimension(cm) 60×80×140

2. Specification of CO2 24kg extinguisher:

Produced and designed according to ISO 9001 international quality standard

Fire extinguishers are carefully stored at temperatures between -10 ° C and 55 ° C to ensure that the powder does not lump. The advantage is that the bottle is made of polished stainless steel with powder coating, safety valve design, nozzle, ... which is suitable for all objects, can be easily used.
With a weight in a heavy tank for easy mobility and fast response handling, the manufacturer has a flexible wheel design that allows the user to pull lightly, inexpensively and at all ages. Can use.

3. Noted in use:

In corrosive fire extinguishing powder. Therefore, no fire extinguish powder on high-tech, advanced electronic devices will damage the equipment.


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