Fire Balls And Notes To Know


Fire Balls And Notes To Know

Surely many of you already know the fire extinguisher because of its popularity and use in fire prevention, but many people do not know about another quite effective fire extinguishing device, the Fire Fighting Tank. Today Dong Nam will have a detailed article introducing fire extinguishers to customers

Learn What is a Fire Ball?

Commonly known as a fire ball instead of a fire-fighting ball, its structure is a ball with an outer shell made of plastic, inside the ball a dry powder mixed material with fire fighting effect and a fuse. detonates when exposed to high temperatures. According to the evaluation of many customers who have used fire extinguishing ball products, the effectiveness of extinguishing or reducing the spread of fire is very great. The operating mechanism of the ball is very sensitive when encountering temperatures greater than 70 degrees and will self-destruct. Actively releases fire extinguishing material in the ball with an effective range of up to 4m2

How Do Fire Balls Work?

On the market today, there are many types of fire extinguishers with different designs and designs, but most fire extinguishers are produced with the same operating mechanism, for example a popular fire extinguisher product. The most popular today is the AFO fire extinguisher. When encountering a fire, the detonator of the balloon comes into contact with fire when the temperature reaches over 70 degrees Celsius. After about 3 to 5 seconds, the detonator will activate, causing the balloon shell to burst. Releases fire extinguishing powder in the balloon to extinguish fires. Some balloons also have sirens. When the balloon explodes, it will make a warning sound to let everyone know.

Bóng Chữa Cháy Và Những Lưu Ý Cần Biết

Why Should You Choose Fire Fighting Balls? - The life of the fire bulb is very large, there is no need for periodic maintenance like a fire extinguisher, but the life of the fire bulb is very high up to more than 5 years.

- The weight of the ball is only about 1.3 kg to 1.5 kg, so it is easy to use even those who are not healthy

- The ball is easy to use, just throw the ball into the fire, when a fire is detected, or place the ball in high-risk locations for the ball to automatically activate when encountering a fire.

- The price of the ball is very cheap, suitable for every budget

- The ball works relatively dark when the effect of the ball can extinguish a fire with an area of ​​up to 4m2, in addition, we can stand a long distance to throw the ball into the fire without approaching the fire, dangerous for users

How to Use Fire Balls?

Unlike other fire extinguishing products, fire extinguishing balls are very easy to use

- When you discover a fire, you just need to throw the fire extinguisher ball at the fire and run far away from the fire to avoid danger. The ball's self-activating fire extinguishing mechanism will work and the ball will automatically release. Release a fire extinguishing compound to extinguish the fire.

- Or place the bulb in places with a high risk of fire such as a factory, carry it in a car, electrical cabinet, garage where there is a high risk of electrical fire, the bulb will automatically detonate when it meets the temperature detected by the sensor. pre-programmed

Bóng Chữa Cháy Và Những Lưu Ý Cần Biết

Where to Buy Fire Balls?

Currently, on the market, there are many units selling fire extinguisher products, you can find them in reputable units to supply fire protection equipment, avoid buying poor quality products in stores. When buying products, pay attention to labels, inspection stamps, production time and use time, and when selling products, they need to have proper invoices and documents with clear origin. manufacture. You can refer to the products of Southeast Asia, the leading prestigious unit in Vietnam specializing in providing pccc products at the following address.

Pls call : 0917 911 114

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