FAP-440-DT Addressable Thermal Smoke Detector

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FAP-440-DT

FAP-440-DT Addressable Thermal Smoke Detector is a dual-type Anolog heat detector
⭐Dual ray technology helps prevent false alarms, 12 months warranty, Unlimited supply, Contact 0917.911.114


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Product information

Detailed Description of Addressable Thermal Smoke Detector FAP-440-DT

- Dual Ray technology provides better particle size difference resulting in less false alarms

- Smoke threshold is adjusted and automatically compensated

- Rotary switch address

- Flexible working mode defined by control panel

- Selectable base locking mechanism prevents malicious removal of the detector Multi-sensor technology reduces false alarms

FAP-440-DT . Addressable Thermal Smoke Detector Specifications


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